Easy DIY pouch tutorial

An easy DIY pouch tutorial…

This takes more time to read the tutorial than to sew it 🙂 Its that quick and easy!

Step1: Take one top(preferably quilted fabric) and one lining fabric each of size 13.5″X7″
In case you do not want a quilted top, interface the top fabric with batting or just hold it together and treat as a single sheet with the top fabric.
Cut the top and lining fabric into half breadth wise so you get 4 pieces, each 6.75″X7″


Step2: Now arrange one sheet of lining fabric facing up, then zipper facing up and quilted fabric facing down, all along their 7″ edge.
Take a zipper at least one inch longer than the width of the pouch, here 7″ raw.


Here you can see the 3 layers pinned together in place and ready for sewing.


Step3: Now sew on the pinned line using a zipper foot. If you don’t have a zipper foot, carefully stitch using a normal foot. Turn and needle press the outer and inner fabric along the stitch length. Top stitch as shown below.


Step 4: Now do the same thing for the other side along the free edge of the zipper. Lining fabric facing up, zipper facing up and top fabric facing down.


Step5:Align and pin. Sew into place using a zipper foot, turn, finger press and top stitch as shown in Pic below.


Step 5: Open up the sides along the zipper pouch, i.e. just lay the piece flat with the lining down to see where you are.


Hold the lining sides together and top fabric sides together and lay on the surface as shown below.Pin all around. Make sure you half open the Zip at this point.


Step 6: Sew all around starting from the pouch bottom on the lining fabric ensuring you keep at least a two inch opening to turn the pouch out. Double stitch if necessary.


Now turn the pouch inside out through the opening at the base of the purse and hand stitch the opening.Snip the corners in case you want them to look crisp and turn well . Give the pouch a good iron. Mine isnt ironed yet.



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