Lunch bag

This is a lunch bag I made for the Bernina India lunch bag contest . And since the time I have put it up on facebook, my friends have come up asking if they can have one like this. Its an amazing feeling to attempt something for the first time and be appreciated for it 🙂

Lunch Bag
Lunch Bag

The best compliment though came from my mom 🙂

Lunch Bag
Lunch Bag

For people who have seen my work, this is not the first time that they see a paper pieced cupcake…I made a baby quilt a while back with three of these cupcakes in pink and blue:)

Lunch Bag
Lunch Bag

In case you want to make one for yourself or a dear one, the instructions can be found here . A few creative elements that I have added are the pieced cupcake, the flying geese and some FMQ. I like the pink satin FMQ on the white surface. I totally love the little cupcake charm that I could find in my stash to add to the button loop closure.

Am on my way to make a blue one with more Flying geese…one for the road I say !


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  1. It cracks me up – we quilters have to make everything pretty/cute/quilty! We make our hand bags, our own slippers, even our own lunch bags – take about style. I love it.

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