My quilting Guru and mentor,Shruti has recently started a designer fabric enterprise in India. Prior to this, there were no International designer fabrics available here. Any Tula Pink, Heather Graham or Alison Glass had to be bought in teh uS and brought in by a travelling friend, home.

This is the third week in the running and they are selling like hot cakes. I was barely able to manage some wide strips in the mad frenzy to be the first one to get my portion of the limited quantity fabric. But I love the apprehension of waiting for the new set to show up on Monday morning, the excitement of being the first one to grab a particular piece and the friendly banter amongst the fellow quilters when a desired fabrics is taken up by others before you.

SS 25

SS 25

Shruti , all the very best for your new venture. I personally appreciate the hand written note, the professional packing and invoice and the timely delivery as promised. Way to go πŸ™‚

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