A mid year review seems a great idea to collate half a year’s worth of work and to take stock of how far one has progressed towards one’s quilting destination. Here I must say, although cliched, but the journey is as enriching and fun filled as the destination πŸ™‚


As I look back, its a moment of pride and satisfaction to note the following for H1-2016 in brief:

    1. A landmark in the history of my quilting career came when I decided to buy the Bernina 550QE on World Quilting Day and I have been smiling happily on the quilting front since then!

    2. Won an award for the Bernina Lunch bag contest; whats more; this was the first lunch bag I ever made. Call it beginners luck πŸ˜‰

    3. Swaps participated and sent goodies to new friends in teh quilting world:

    –First, a mini heart quilt in March for Belinda at @Bellacoconut on IG
    –Second, a clutch and other things for Cindy at @Grans_quilty_creation on IG

    4. Made a Herringbone quilt top for my friend Shruti from an MSQC tutorial and gifted it to her . I love Jenny’s easy to follow tutorials. I plan to make a lot more later…

    5. There has been a lot of paper piecing, be it cupcakes for a quilt or lunch bag or alphabet spool testing for Kristy from @Kristycreates on IG…learnt immensely along the way!

    6. A special mention for my first table runner and first drunkar’d path blocks. It was for a swap at a quilters’ meet(Mumbai Desi Quilters) in Mumbai

    7. I wrote a tutorial for a zippered pouch that helps my newbie quilting friends a lot when tehy want to try out zippers for the first time.

    8. Made a playmat for a friend and neighbour and a baby quilt for another. Total bliss πŸ™‚

    9. Took a workshop to learn Abstract Portrait quilting and increasing my arty skillset. It adors my living room wall now πŸ™‚

    10. Started a Tula Pink sampler quilt. Got to make only 2 blocks from the book but am not really worried about it as I will be joining a quilt along from August and starting the project afreash