I had the wonderful opportunity to test my first bag. The pattern is by my friend Rajyalakshmi of Home Maker Hustle

Here is the link to her Craftsy store:Craftsy Link

Here are the pics of my tester bag! The bag is easy with clear instructions. Its great for someone who has school going kids or people going to office that need to carry their lunch. Even someone like me, who runs away at the sight of making bags was comfortable making this roomy tiffin bag.

Ultimate Lunch Bag

Ultimate Lunch Bag

This is a very roomy bag to take lunch to school or office…or carry sandwiches and drink to the park for a quick picnic!

Ultimate Lunch Bag 2

The zipper closure keeps food safe and prevents them from falling out.

Ultimate Lunch Bag 4

Ultimate Lunch Bag 5

Ultimate lunch Bag 6
The side bottle holders are my favourite.

Ultimate Lunch Bag 3

As we speak, my little one has claimed this lunch bag and taken it off to school to house his snacks…