I had the good fortune of meeting prize winning quilter Jenny Bowker during her recent Mumbai visit and attend her trunk show.

A lot to be learnt from her and her way of designing quilts. She has lived in the middle east and you can see a strong influence of that in her work along with the Australian influence. Of the 40 off quilts she had got along, each had a story to say, each had a technique to represent! Hers is a perfect combination of Modern and traditional art work. Yes, they aren’t just quilts. They are pure art work šŸ™‚


This is a favourite. Love the tile looks. Plan to try one shortly. She was gracious enough to show us how it was made right after the trunk show šŸ™‚


Such lovely use of colours, see how they blend.

This is such a lovely thing she showed us. For scraps that were left out and had large motifs, but not the complete picture, the picture has been completed using FMQ.




I have been enriched by the experience and learnt so much more from this interaction in terms of techniques, skills and ideas. I have only been able to showcase a few snaps of her quilts…there were numerous; some I was too engrossed to click šŸ™‚

Jenny Bowker trunk show

Jenny Bowker trunk show

Two big takeaways have been how she impressed upon the importance of putting our patterns on Craftsy and how designer fabric, although expensive is worth every rupee you spend on them. Craftsy patterns are a lovely idea and if you are into designing, then its just waiting to be implemented as the Indian sewing crowd gets more net savvy and the newer generation takes up the joys of sewing. The second idea was of making projects using designer prints so our projects get the exposure they deserve as we carve out a niche for ourselves in the quilting world. This echoed very well with me as I have recently been trying some international designer fabric myself. The quality and feel is amazing. I still use a lot of Indian fabric as its readily available and way more affordable šŸ™‚ Planning a dozen pouches shortly in designer fabric !