This is my first Portrait Quilt based on an old picture of my mom and I am more than happy about the outcome. When I posted it on social media, people were unable to detect which was the photo and which the Portrait quilt! Couldn’t have asked for a better compliment than this one for my first portrait quilt 🙂

Portrait Quilt 2

The method used is ‘reverse applique’ as used in the book About Face by Shruti Dandekar. You can find a copy of her book in Craftsy.

Portrait Quilt 1

I am totally floored by the book. Its amazing! the instructions are so clear that one can just read through, follow the steps and prepare amazing portrait quilts …
I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start off by making portrait quilts.
Also, I should note here that Shruti is an amazing teacher. She is always ready to clarify doubts. The book explains a white on black quilt and I was making the reverse. She was happy to guide me through and thanks to her guidance, my Portrait was ready on time to go home with mom 🙂

Reverse applique, as a technique is just magical! The small cuts, the curves they all look like part of a Rorschach test and yet the final picture looks like a portait…I was simply amazed. Still trying to come out of the dazed state as the Portrait travels across India from its rocky Western shores to the calm and quiet, Eastern shores 🙂