Tula Pink Sampler Quilt

I have wanted to do this Tula Pink sampler quilt since the time I got the book but the project never quite took off. I started with great gusto but somehow the enthusiasm just waned off after the first 4 blocks and the project stayed in abeyance for a couple of months. Well! 4 blocks out of 100, does not even qualify to be called a UFO.

Then came along @gnomeangel on Instagram and declared a sew along.
Just what I wanted.
Just what I needed.
The ask was that I commit my next 100 days to the project and post a block each day. You can find details to the link here on her blog!

Tula Pink Sampler -Block 1-10
Tula Pink Sampler -Block 1-10

So far so good. I completed 10 days and 10 blocks. There are amazing prizes to win every 10days 🙂 lovely motivation and lovely set of blocks propping up in the IG feed everyday. I am making mine in white, grey and shades of blue much like the orange one made by Alison Gamm that I saw on Pinterest. All the fabric taht I use would be from my stash…no buying fabric for these blocks at all!


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