Tula Pink Sampler Quilt -second lot

Blocks 11 to 20:

This is the second tranche in the Tula Pink Sampler Quilt along which is hosted by @Gnomeangel on Instagram. I posted about the first 10 blocks here and my personal journey on how it all began for me.

Here are the next 10 blocks. I am glad that its running on schedule. I have to admit that Block 15 was the most challenging. I had planned to sew and post it in the evening, instead of the morning as per my normal schedule. After office, we had to step out for a long dinner with my husband’s cousin and by the time I realised that the day’s block was due it was 11.30pm. To top it, I was feeling terribly unwell. With only half an hour to spare, I rushed through the block from end to end. Lesson learnt, I need to Plan in advance and keep things ready! Dont want to be in the same situation again.

Tula pink Block 15
Tula pink Block 15

Here is the block at my Bernina at 11.55 in the night…

Tula Pink Block 11-20
Tula Pink Block 11-20

And all the 10 of them 🙂
Happy to report that Lot2 is complete…8 more to go!


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