Maker Mat

I have grown to love paper piecing! I saw this lovely quilt along at Lillyela and I just had to make one of these paper pieced butterflies.

The first one went topsy-turvey but by the time I got to the second one, I had not just learned to align the wings right but was also able to add some elements of fuzzy cutting into the front wings. Also, there was no need of the seam ripper the second time around! I was happy with the outcome 🙂

Pepper- The butterfly
Pepper- The butterfly


Then came the pockets and finally the entire maker mat. I liked the thin binding around the pockets. This is actually a 1″ bias tape…worked out as the batting was thin but I struggled a bit to keep the thin binding in place.

Maker Mat pockets
Maker Mat pockets

The other extreme is also not right.The binding around the Maker Mat, is too wide…maybe when I have some time, I should redo just the binding.

There is learning in every project. A 2.5″ double binding is great for a quilt, even a mini quilt, but the same in a Maker Mat makes it look just too wide.

Maker Mat
Maker Mat

Another learning from the project was the use of fabric combinations. This has a main body panel, with various insect prints, a rather muted fabric with another printed fabric for the pockets which has large pink flowers in white and finally Pepper the Butterfly which is in bright colours to stand out from the muted background.

The high point of the Maker Mat is that its pure selfish sewing 🙂 Something for myself and my state of the Art- Bernina sewing machine.

Linking this to Sew Fresh Quilts.


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