I participated in the #GetYourQuiltyWishesGranted2 this year and yearned for some Tula Pink fabric. Last year I saw this on Instagram and thought it was too good to be true. This year I just plunged in…to see what was happening and all I can say is that I am totally overwhelmed by the response.

Two lovely ladies sent me Tula Pink fabric all the way from US and some more is on its way…

Sunday Stash 46

Sunday Stash 46

This bundle is sent by Patti Lapinsky, all the way from Florida 🙂

I thought, if someone sent me any of the Tula Pink goodness, then I would keep and caress the beautiful fabric like maybe Gold or Diamond, ultimate use being in storage and never in use…ha ha ha.
But now with the amazingly generous online Quilting community, at the end of this, I will have enough to make a quilt along with some solids of course(cant have a quilt without solids, call it a mental block).

Hope I am able to pass on the generosity to the people I have volunteered to grant wishes 🙂
Of course, after the demonetization issue settles down and I have cash to pay at the Post Office. Leading a predominately cashless life has its own set of challenges 😦