Hello Kitty Yellow-Purple Quilt

This is a whole cloth quilt, the kind that has been rare across my quilting career. While I lot of people start with whole cloth quilts, I didnt. I always try to push my boundaries trying to see if I can an additional quilting element to the quilt: be it a quilt block or applique or something else!
To be frank, I didn’t have much expectation from this when I set out to make it.

Hello Kitty Quilt
Hello Kitty Quilt

However, it turned out to be a stunner. I haven’t been able to do justice to it in terms of photography. It looks so beautiful in real life that my house help refused to part with it after it was complete…she is of the opinion that we should keep it and let my ‘lil one use an extra quilt along with his own …ha ha ha

Hello Kitty Quilt 2
Hello Kitty Quilt 2

Here is a close up of how it all came together and then…

Hello Kitty Quilt
Hello Kitty Quilt

a bit of the straight line quilting 🙂

Quilt Name: Hello Kitty Yellow-Purple Quilt
Thread: Calypso by Coats, a lovely shiny thread meant for machine sewing
Quilt Size: 44″ X 60″
Fabric: local Indian Hello Kitty print
Batting: 180 gsm cotton batting
Binding: 2.5″ double machine binding
Quilting : Straight Line Quilting

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