2017 New year and Quilting Goals


I love making New Year resolutions! Beginning of a new year seems like a completely new starting point to me…I can start all over again with new zeal and enthusiasm!
A new ‘To do’ list …with some items borrowed from last year and some new…
Oh! What joy…

Last year I made my list and linked to the post by Yvonee of Quilting Jetgirl. You can see the Goals of 2016 here and the progress here.

A brief list of what I Plan to accomplish in 2017:
1. Start Bullet journaling: I have been watching people make their bullet journals and its time for me to take the plunge
2. Complete one quilting item a month: say a quilt top or quilting a pre-completed top or the likes. Hence, a numerical target of completing at least 6 quilts through the year.
3. Over the years I have collected quilting journals and books. 2017 would be the year to start using them. What good are they just sitting on the shelf!
4. Sew at least one item for myself; maybe just a small pouch or bag or something but one item for sure that I can sew and use #selfishsewing
5. I will continue my habit of #sewsomethingeveryday . A lot gets done by just maintaining a disciplined approach.
6. Focus on getting more fit and healthy. This one stays in the list across the years.
7. Make some crochet projects…maybe some tatting as well…some needle work and the likes.
8. Learn at least one new skill related to the hobby.
9. Participate in at least one collaborative project
10. Try to publish a pattern
11. Submit at least one article/quilt work to a magazine.
12. Write a few tutorials on the blog.

Linking this to Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl!

5 thoughts on “2017 New year and Quilting Goals

Add yours

  1. You are very ambitious! If I could do five of those, I’d be so happy. Love reading your blog, Happy New Year 2017!

  2. Sewing something every day is amazing at maintaining some momentum, and my physical health (and mental and emotional and spiritual) are always on my list each year, too. Thank you so much for sharing your goals again this year and linking up!

  3. i myself should practice the sew something everyday … i do go into my sewing room everyday but not always to work sometimes just to contemplate the WIP on the design wall

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