I went for a meet with local Quilty folks and the host explained how she cuts up her scraps into manageable pieces and keeps before she moves on to the next project. While I could never maintain the discipline, I got the idea of making basic 9 patches from it with a white centre.

My scrap bag was bursting from the seams and this seemed a pretty good idea…

9 patch block

I started making them two a day making sure to have variety in each 9 patch block. If I encountered a slightly larger piece of fabric, then I would cut up a few more squares and keep for future blocks. Each time variety became a challenge, I just ironed and cut a few more from the scrap bag. And so it went for about 2 weeks untilI had a neat pile of about 25 blocks.

This is a perfectly aimless project when I can just make two blocks a day to either get back my sewing mojo or fit a little schedule before I dash out to my day job in the morning and stack them away. No idea of converting it into a quilt as of now.

9 patch block