Pink Triangle Quilt : Finally Freaking Finished

So my long pending triangle quilt is finally finished. Ironically, I loved the project, but after the quilt top was finishedearly lat year, my house went into renovation mode and towards the last month of the year, my quilting mojo bid me a bye bye!

Mira’s quilt

Not that the dawn of the year, changed things drastically. I missed the Jan and Feb deadline of the One Monthly Goal. But finally, the Jan quilt got done in Feb…
I am slowly incing towards getting back to the groove.

Quilt and matching flowers [/caption]

The FMQ in teh quilt is from from Angela’s book shape by shape, the section that defines quilting on triangles. I chose one that suited my purpose and applied it to the pink triangles. The white area is a simple meander. Joining Angela’s Free motion Quilting challenge on Facebook turned out to be beneficial in more than one way.

getting ready to click a snap

Hope little Mira will be happy to see her quilt 🙂

Name of quilt: Pink Triangle Quilt
Thread: Aurifil Pink, Plain local white thread
Size: 60″ X 40″
Batting: cotton
Time taken: Nov 2016 to Feb 2018

Tagging this to Crazy mom Quilts 🙂

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