Starburst Baby Quilt

And lo and behold, the starbust Quilt is completed . Its the first time that a gift quilt is ready and the ‘lil one is not.Aha! I know, you are thinking I actually got the quilt completed before the baby was born but No No, the little one is traveling and will be back in town to receive her handmade bundle of love in the first week of December.

Starburst Quilt

The quilt is based on a tutorial by Canoe Ridge creations and I totally love her solids version. I wanted to make this one with Indian fabrics and am glad to use some unbleached soft batting for the new born. It does give the quilt a little off white colour under the bright white, but whatever is good for soft the skin of the new born 🙂

Starburst Quilt

After making the quilt top I noticed that the centre was looking too blank so I Free Motion Quilted a lovely 3 petal meandering flower in Aurifil 28, to cover the area. Maintaining the theme along the binding, I used a red which best matched the Aurifil. The binding has a decorative stitch to hold it down. The rays of the starburst have straight line quilting done with a walking foot.

Starburst Quilt FMQ

Quilt Name: Giant Starburst Baby Quilt
Size: 38″X 38″
Type: Pieced Starburst
Purpose: Gifting
Material: Indian cotton
Batting: Unbleached thin batting from The Hab
Thread: Aurifil for centre FMQ

This is also the second use for the lovely labels that Prajakta made for me. Such a useful and cute set of labels.

Glad I completed the Monthly Goal well in time. Tagging it to Sew Fresh Quilts and One Monthly Goal and Nina Marie’s blog.


6 thoughts on “Starburst Baby Quilt

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  1. Good Morning Leena! What a perfect gift for a sweet baby. I just LOVE the FMQ you did in the center block. At first I thought, I wonder what fabric that is? It looks fabulous in the center – and then you said you quilted the design. LOVE IT! Happy Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Such a lovely baby quilt! Kudos for getting it done before baby arrived. It looks so soft! Baby will just love it. Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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