Grand plans for November

I want to make a quilt from scratch to finish in November. That would entail deciding on a pattern, hunting for fabric, cutting and piecing, joining the quilt top, quilting, binding and finally gifting it.
Phew! That’s a lot…

So lets see where we stand as of the 1st weekend in the month. As of now, the quilt pattern is more or less decided. It will be a combination of a 16 patch block alongside 4-HST blocks to create a saw-tooth star. The 16 patch to form the centre of the star.

Quilt Plan

Basic inspiration comes from here and here. The colour combination comes from Missouri’s latest blog post here. However, I will be making it a different size(both the block and the quilt). I will be making alternate 16 patch and 4-HST blocks and then arranging them to give the effect of the saw toothed star.

Next step in the process is Quilt Math. I love doing quilt math and instead of buying a pattern for this (not sure if it is out there somewhere for the size of quilt and the size of block I want. Also, the Missouri course is for FMQ and not making of the quilt itself), hence have decided to just wing it.

The quilt will be a gift for my cousin and his wife who have planned their wedding lunch later this month. Its a sort of destination wedding at a beach side location. So am assuming, it will be cumbersome for them to carry a full sized quilt across the miles, all the way home. I will post it to them, later at a more convenient time when they are back at their new home.

But my lofty plan remains intact…complete the quilt by month end. I keep saying that again and again to myself as it seems a daunting task from where I stand. For the quilters that complete multiple quilts a week/month, I am happy for you but it just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. I have a day job that I love, a kid to teach who is now in middle school and a home to manage. So only weekends are Quilting time.

Tagging this to One Monthly Challenge for November.

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  1. I love quilt math too! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

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