We are again at the end of the year(and yes! a new sunrise to root for as well 🙂 ) and I cannott help but look back and be very very thankful for all that the Year 2019 had to offer — prominent among them being my first pattern publication in an international magazine Make Modern Magazine , attending the first ever Quilt Exhibition in India- The India Quilt Festival and a quilt that got showcased at the Jehangir Art gallery at the Kala Ghoda Art festival in Mumbai. the latter was a group quilt made by the Quilting group of Mumbai.

So pretty much a rockstar of a year in terms of quilting!

Hearts Squared in Make Modern

The non quilting goals, however, like weight and fitness, yo-yo’d the entire year but am glad that am fitter than what I used to be.This regular walks have continued and I will ensure 2020 is better in these aspects. A new gym membership might just help.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

A year has gone by in the new job and I have adjusted to the long daily commute. A few changes had to be made—both mental and physical. I moved to public transport thrice a week, got adjusted to reading in a moving car and joined a book club. In the process, I made new book-loving friends, read up a lot of books and looking forward to lots more this coming year.

India Quilt Festival

2020’s word would be CREATE—Creating a healthy space, a healthy mind and spreading happiness all around with lots of handmade gifts.

It being 2020, two is the word to go for:
-at least two large Quilt WIP ticked off
-at least two embroidered piece of work
-at least two crochet item
-at least two item of selfish sewing
-at least two bags
-at least two pouches each in two separate months
-at least two months with 100km of walking goal
-at least two months of reading two books
-at least 2 items sold in the year
-at least 2 magazine submissions
-at least two free tutorials
-at least two months with two blog posts

Yvonne, of Quilting Jetgirl, is hosting her annual Planning Party again and am really thankful to her for taking this initiative so all of us can Plan for 2020.

2020 Planning Party

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