The Sunflower Memory

The Sunflower Memory Quilt

This is one of my earlier quilts made in 2015 and submitted it for the 1st HV India Quilt Completion in 2015. This is how the introduction looked when posted about my Quilt.

“It gives us immense pleasure & honor to introduce the Entry # 10 for the – Husqvarna Viking India, PFAFF India & Handi Quilter India – Quilt Competition 2015 with utmost pride & joy :

As Quoted By Sonalee Suchismita, Mumbai, Maharashtra :

I am an Indian, very brown. I speak three languages, talk in two, dream in one. I am Sonalee and my family lovingly calls me Leena…friends, more Modern in nature, call me just Lee. I present to you a Modern quilt depicting a Sunflower in full bloom, I name it ‘The Sunflower Memory’. The flower to me signifies everything bright, sunny, sanguine, happy and cheerful. For me , personally, it’s a depiction of a family memory .It’s a story of yesteryears.

Long back, actually long long back when my parents got married, and my mom moved over to my dad’s place, he had planted sunflowers in his house to welcome her to a new life and family. They were planted well in advance to ensure that they bloom when the new bride enters the house for the first time. And indeed, as planned, when my mom entered his house , the sunflowers faced her as if to welcome her to a bright future and a warm new family. As a young bride, my mom was completely mesmerized by the bright flowers and the fond memory of the full blooming sunflowers stayed with her through the years. Even today, as she narrates the story there is a twinkle in her eye and we smile to match her happiness and enthusiasm being a part of the narrative itself. Process and

Method: The base has been quilted using a floral FMQ to create the negative space around the Sunflower. I started with bright yellow fabric and used ‘tie and dye’ to get shades on the fabric for the petals. Later, I cut the petals in the direction of the shading to ensure that the shaded portions are along the long yellow petals. I basted and quilted them with matchstick quilting and later used a darker shade of thread to machine quilt additionally to create a darker shaded effect and give them a 3D quilted effect. The center fabric is sewed using raw edge applique and then a combination of large black beads and seed beads are added for the pollen using bead work. The seed beads are a mix of red, maroon and black to get the right effect. The stalk is machine needle turn applique as I wanted to give a neat finish, its shaded with Olive green thread painting.

Quilt Size: 37” X 48”

Fabric: Cotton self-dyed

Quilt type: Modern


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