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I have been quilting for a while but I had never tried flying geese blocks…was always intimidated by the thought of them.

Alison Glass Flying Geese

Alison Glass Flying Geese

When the idea of making a mini quilt came up,the Alison Glass mini quilt swap on Instagram I decided to give it a try with the lovely Alison Glass fabric. The hand embroidered centre is flanked by flying geese on all sides.

Alison Glass hand embroidery

Alison Glass hand embroidery

And here is the finished mini!

Alison Glass mini quilt

Alison Glass mini quilt

My partner would love some goodies so I posted her some Indian Fabric and border, a frixion pen with zippers and a pouch along with the mini.

Alison Glass mini quilt swap

Alison Glass mini quilt swap

HD went to Chennai and brought home some amazing quilting fabric.

The condition: to make a quilt for his friend’s cute ‘lil 3 year old daughter, Akshaya. What a deal ha ha…like I ever said no to making quilts!!

That’s a perfect win-win situation :)

image image

This quilt was started in October last year and the quilt top was ready. However, shortly after that it went into my craft cupboard and sat there until now :)
This week I decided to complete it and here it is with my nascent FMQ skills showing through the seems . literally :D

Here is a brief post on the quilt top !

A picture of the full quilt…


All folded and ready to go…


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Its almost the end of the month and my Plus quilt is _finally_ showing some traction. The first row of Plus’ are pieced but then I realized that I hadn’t cut enough of the white fabric yet to take the quilt ahead, so back to the cutting board to cut some more charm squares in shades of blue and pure white. Think the quilt will turn out to be gorgeous.


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Yet another goodie bag and in the true nature of Valentine’s day…predominated by the colour of red. Here is a surprise that came in the very next day. A bag of gifts from Singer with a notepad, calendar, 2 pens, 4 pencils and some pamphlets. Its so sweet of the Singer folks to send me stuff.

And on another note, my fusion crochet blanket seems to be progressing well. 2 days and 2 pieces ready ! That’s the fastest that any project has ever moved :)
Some quick math shows that if I continued with the present pace of completing one block a day, a 24 piece blanket would be ready in a month with a week to spare for joining the blocks together. I feel nostalgic calculating like this…back in school and college, while revising for an upcoming exam, I would calculate and recalculate the pace of revision required to complete the entire course…sometimes I proved the calculation right, sometimes not…but it was fun to calculate.
If I increase the quilt size it to a square 6X6 quilt, even then, the quilt should be done by march end.

This is a kiddie quilt I made for my son. He is in pre-school :)

Why do I specify that he is in pre-school ! Well, he is just getting to recognize the letters A-B-C and numbers 1-2-3 and wanted a quilt which had the letters (to begin with). By the time I settled down to cut out the fabric letters, numbers had also got added to the request list.

So this is a quilt made on demand …

Its a broadcloth quilt and the letters/numbers are hand appliqued onto it. Post that its quilted in a wriggly labyrinthine fashion. This is the first time I used free motion quilting…in my earlier avatar of quilting I didn’t have a sewing machine that had FMQ functionality. I used my grandmom’s mechanical hand driven sewing machine from 1949. It had passed on from my grandmom to my mom and then to me. I just did straight line quilting…and not much at that.

Since the new HV came in, I had been really scared to use/change the foot and try the new functionality for fear that something might go wrong with the beautiful piece of machinery. But I had to take the leap of faith sometime and let go of my fear of the unknown. And with this quilt, I am am happy I did. I just love FMQ now and looking forward to do more of it.

Apart from that, I am also learning bias tape making. This is the first large project in which I have used home made bias tape.The copper Sulphate bias border for this quilt is the second set of bias tape I am making from a fat quarter. The first one was white. learnt it from an online tutorial and love the magical way in which a fat quarter converts itself into yards of continuous and beautiful bias tape.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Name: Dhruv’s ABC quilt
Size: 54″ X 42″
Quilted by: Me(Leena)
Appliqued by : Me(Leena)
Special technique: Hand needle turn applique, beginner’s FMQ
Best Category : Applique Quilt, Baby Quilt, Home Machine Quilted Quilt

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The modern quilt with triangles is complete and ready to be gifted to a friend’s new born. Hope she likes it…I meant my friend, her baby is too young to opine on quilts :)

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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