April quilt meet-Mumbai

It was the 1st of April and we quilters in Mumbai decided to meet up. No April fools day but yes a lot of fooling around. Here you see a picture of the entire group, sans me...I am the official photographer as I jokingly put it 😉 I am there of course, just behind the... Continue Reading →


Dizzy Daisy Quilt

When I saw the Dizzy Daisy tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Company I leapt up with joy. It looked so beautiful and so easy, a perfect project far a spring break. This is also a time when my dad-in-law's birthday is around the corner so it would make a good quilt for my in-laws.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash #46

A lovely batik bundle from The Square Inch for a Stained glass batik quilt. The quilt top will have only straight line quilting, hence the plan is to complete it before the end of the year. November seems to have gone by so fast...its already mid-Nov and I have hardly started any large project.So now... Continue Reading →

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