It was the 1st of April and we quilters in Mumbai decided to meet up. No April fools day but yes a lot of fooling around.
Here you see a picture of the entire group, sans me…I am the official photographer as I jokingly put it πŸ˜‰
I am there of course, just behind the camera.

Quilt Meet

Hema volunteered to host us and had the most amazing spread ready for us, not just in terms of quilts but food as well πŸ™‚

Hema with her latest Quilt

Hema’s quilt

Hema and Usha’s other quilts

Above pics show her other quilts…what a treat for the eyes.

Amazing stories flowed in one after the other, be it the initial days of making quilt tops and getting quilted them by a tailor to not knowing the name of the blocks to having only books for reference before the omnipresent Google era.

Geeta’s splendid sampler

Admiring the splendid sampler

Saira’s work:

Saira’s Show and tell

Saira’s amazing sling bag…

Saira’s Dizzy Daisy Quilt top…

And finally my Tula pink Sampler Quilt top…

My Tula Pink Sampler Quilt

A day full of Quilt speak and motivation galore…


When I saw the Dizzy Daisy tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Company I leapt up with joy. It looked so beautiful and so easy, a perfect project far a spring break. This is also a time when my dad-in-law’s birthday is around the corner so it would make a good quilt for my in-laws.

Here are some work in progress snaps and tips as I go along!

Dizzy Daisy Quilt

Dizzy Daisy Quilt

A few tips:

Tip1: Be cognizant of the seams and nest them. I thought it was a good idea to iron them outwards in each petal, although I usually prefer ironing to the dark side.

Tip2: Be cognizant of the direction of the petal tips. See if you want all your flowers to go clockwise or all anti-clockwise or a mix of both.

Tip3. If you are not a beginner sewists and bordering on an intermediate, then you can just eyeball the 2.5″ squares and sew across the diagonal, it just saves a lot of time(Kausalya’s tip).

42 blocks ==> 42×4 petals with 3 squares each are 504 small squares.

Tip4. When you iron them after cutting the triangles out, iron them on the wrong side of the charm square. One press sets the stitches and the second press ensures that the block stays flat. Since the triangles are sewn on the bias, best to iron them from the rear so the blocks stay flat and do not wrinkle.

Hope the tips help you, especially members of the India Quilt Guild Group on Facebook that are doing the Quilt Along with me.


The first time I saw this wall quilt, I thought it was impossible; never even wanted to attempt it. My painting skills are limited to just sketching…ha ha

However, Shruti convinced me that this was doable and was a worthy skill to have. I am glad I agreed. The workshop was over the long weekend, so Prajakta from Green leaf quilts and I decided to drive down and stay at our friends place, Kausalya. The workshop was at her studio, KaPa.What a gracious host!

Abstract portrait quilt

So one sunny Friday morning at 6am, we set out on a drive of 150 odd km to KaPa studio to join other quilters and learn how to make an Abstract Portrait quilt. To be frank, at this point, we were just going off on a short holiday, wasn’t sure what the final quilt would look like, if it ever got completed.

We reached there by about 9:30am and shortly after started the workshop. The studio is absolutely state of the art with Bernina sewing machines around and she had stocked the fridge with cold water and drinks, snacks etc. The studio has nice white walls, wide windows for natural light to seep in and absolutely every quilting notion one needs in a workshop.


We started with trying out the portrait technique on paper, mine looked disastrous …
Then in the afternoon, after a lovely sumptuous lunch, we started our work on our quilts. At the end of Day1, this is how it looked …


Day 2 started with face shading and coloured fabric, understanding the direction of light on our picture, eyes, placement of warm and cool colours…then wonderful lunch and back to the desk. In the fternoon, we basted and quilted the piece.A full two day workshop and a lot of hard work!
But every minute was worth it πŸ™‚

Abstract portrait

While we were at it, she also taught us a new binding method. The teacher was awesome. That what I like about her–he will challenge your skill level and make you do wonderfully difficult quilts. As far as mine is concerned, I am still wondering if I was the one who made it.

entire group with completed quilts

Here is hers and me with mine next to it. Not bad for a first attempt. Although hers looks much better and cleaner.

me and mine

me and mine

A lovely batik bundle from The Square Inch for a Stained glass batik quilt.

Indian Batiks

Indian Batiks

The quilt top will have only straight line quilting, hence the plan is to complete it before the end of the year.
November seems to have gone by so fast…its already mid-Nov and I have hardly started any large project.So now the speed has to double and I need to get to the Christmas sewing mode…

I had the good fortune of attending a quilting workshop hosted by the Bernina Creative Centre in Mumbai this weekend.It was earlier conceived as a Quilt retreat but as some of the members couldn’t travel, it became a workshop in Mumbai. And that was a good thing, ‘coz we got to meet a lot of new quilters and some old ones with fond memories to share πŸ™‚

Spread over two days, this was one of the most exhaustive and detailed workshops I have attended.The teachers were lovely, ever helping and striving hard to bring out the best in us.

Day #1 had the first part dedicated to stained glass work. We started with geometric shapes. Shruti after showing us how to make one, followed them through with careful inspection and instruction making sure she spends time with each of us and we complete our projects. She gave us some gorgeous batiks. I have always felt that batiks are muddy colours and one can only make traditional stuff with them.She busted the myth not just by making us learn the use of batiks in a modern way but also showing us her modern quilt made with batiks that was showcased at quiltcon early this year.

Stained Glass quilting

Geometric Stained Glass quilting

Stained Glass quilt workshop in progress

Stained Glass quilt workshop in progress

Session2: this was dedicated to organic stained glass quilting with negative space for which I chose a boat diagram. It turned out lovely! I love the bright batiks and the way they contrast with the black border. One workshop turned my view on batiks, completely. The boat is a lot mre beautiful that what I had thought it would turn out to be…

Organic stained glass quilt

Organic stained glass quilt

Organic stained glass quilt with Aarti

Organic stained glass quilt with Aarti

Then came the part where she told us how to make a stained glass quilt using bias tape. So much learning!!

Session3: This was the part dedicated to improv letters and we had a lot of fun trying to figure out the method and pieces.My letters we H and O, like the touristy Hop-On-Hop-Off buses or just Santa clause saying Ho! Ho!

Shruti with her Modern batik quilt

Shruti with her Modern batik quilt

Nice learning…maybe I will go on to make all of them. They look positively wonky πŸ™‚

Improv letters at the end of the class

Improv letters at the end of the class

Come back for details on Day 2 tomorrow πŸ™‚