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A neighbour and friend had seen the playmat made for my ‘lil one and wanted something similar for her daughter. She wanted it to be exactly the same except the color of the binding.


I am glad it turned out as expected ๐Ÿ™‚

Yellow playmat

Yellow playmat

I also got to write her name using fonts in my new machine.


Here, my ‘lil one was super excited to know that his friend will have a similar playmat and is holding it up for show ๐Ÿ™‚


I packed this one with kite paper and washi tape. Oh! how I love washi tape…almost as much as I love designer fabric…

Playmat size: 40″X60″
Thread: Aurifil
Machine: Bernina 550QE
Type: whole cloth mat


With a son at home, one does tend to like everything mechanical like clocks, robots and the like.The choice of fabric, somehow, also moves away from flowers and closer to construction vehicles! ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I was glad when I unearthed some hello kitty fabric in my stash. I promptly decided on making a whole cloth baby quilt with it. The fabric was just too pretty to cut.

Hello Kitty Baby Quilt

Hello Kitty Baby Quilt

Found a little Hello Kitty toy to give it company as well ๐Ÿ™‚


The 2.5″ double binding is held down by some decorative stitches. This is where I use those decorative stitches that are available in the sewing machine.

Hello Kitty Quilt

Hello Kitty Quilt

The FMQ on this is somewhat like leaves and I think I am slowly, but surely improving with my FMQ with every passing quilt.

Quilt Name: Hello Kitty
Fabric: Blue Hello Kitty
Size: 40″ X 40″

Way back in <<>> I had registered for the Zipper swap and to my bad luck had quite forgotten about it. I must admit it upfront that I wrote it down in a diary but never quite got to turn back and see the date of expected finish. Then came my knock from the swap mama asking where I was and if I was on schedule. I startled up and started to run to the finish line…

Zippered Pouch

Zippered Pouch

I make a lot of zipper pouches and hence had taken part in this thinking Oh! its just another zipper pouch! How difficult could it be…I have never been more wrong. It took me more than 5 hours to stitch down the insides. Just to check if experience led to a shorter time output, I tried a second one. Well! it didn’t shorter the sewing time, but I was left with two beautiful zippered pouches.

Zippered Pouch-Zip

Zippered Pouch-Zip

Zippered Pouch- Inside

Zippered Pouch- Inside

They are so very pretty with plenty of pockets to put goodies in them while sending to the swap partner. I tried a side zipper that runs all around the outer rim(whatever that is called) for the first time and it turned out nice. I cut up my precious Bella solids and my favourite Boysenberry from the lot! No joy greater than the joy of giving !! ๐Ÿ™‚

I had the good fortune of attending a quilting workshop hosted by the Bernina Creative Centre in Mumbai this weekend.It was earlier conceived as a Quilt retreat but as some of the members couldn’t travel, it became a workshop in Mumbai. And that was a good thing, ‘coz we got to meet a lot of new quilters and some old ones with fond memories to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Spread over two days, this was one of the most exhaustive and detailed workshops I have attended.The teachers were lovely, ever helping and striving hard to bring out the best in us.

Day #1 had the first part dedicated to stained glass work. We started with geometric shapes. Shruti after showing us how to make one, followed them through with careful inspection and instruction making sure she spends time with each of us and we complete our projects. She gave us some gorgeous batiks. I have always felt that batiks are muddy colours and one can only make traditional stuff with them.She busted the myth not just by making us learn the use of batiks in a modern way but also showing us her modern quilt made with batiks that was showcased at quiltcon early this year.

Stained Glass quilting

Geometric Stained Glass quilting

Stained Glass quilt workshop in progress

Stained Glass quilt workshop in progress

Session2: this was dedicated to organic stained glass quilting with negative space for which I chose a boat diagram. It turned out lovely! I love the bright batiks and the way they contrast with the black border. One workshop turned my view on batiks, completely. The boat is a lot mre beautiful that what I had thought it would turn out to be…

Organic stained glass quilt

Organic stained glass quilt

Organic stained glass quilt with Aarti

Organic stained glass quilt with Aarti

Then came the part where she told us how to make a stained glass quilt using bias tape. So much learning!!

Session3: This was the part dedicated to improv letters and we had a lot of fun trying to figure out the method and pieces.My letters we H and O, like the touristy Hop-On-Hop-Off buses or just Santa clause saying Ho! Ho!

Shruti with her Modern batik quilt

Shruti with her Modern batik quilt

Nice learning…maybe I will go on to make all of them. They look positively wonky ๐Ÿ™‚

Improv letters at the end of the class

Improv letters at the end of the class

Come back for details on Day 2 tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


As my househelp asked for a cloth for dusting, I quickly conjured up a dusting cloth by hand stitching bright hexies into a fat quarter and side stitching the fabric ๐Ÿ™‚
Love the brightness and contrast of colours.


Next, I tried out a back pattern at it turned out just perfect with some machine embroidery in the handles.!
Its my sewing machine in the background…


And then, a quilted laptop sleeve from a christmas-y fabric that my friend Shahnaz gifted me ๐Ÿ™‚

Quite a productive week I must say !

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This is a kiddie quilt I made for my son. He is in pre-school ๐Ÿ™‚

Why do I specify that he is in pre-school ! Well, he is just getting to recognize the letters A-B-C and numbers 1-2-3 and wanted a quilt which had the letters (to begin with). By the time I settled down to cut out the fabric letters, numbers had also got added to the request list.

So this is a quilt made on demand …

Its a broadcloth quilt and the letters/numbers are hand appliqued onto it. Post that its quilted in a wriggly labyrinthine fashion. This is the first time I used free motion quilting…in my earlier avatar of quilting I didn’t have a sewing machine that had FMQ functionality. I used my grandmom’s mechanical hand driven sewing machine from 1949. It had passed on from my grandmom to my mom and then to me. I just did straight line quilting…and not much at that.

Since the new HV came in, I had been really scared to use/change the foot and try the new functionality for fear that something might go wrong with the beautiful piece of machinery. But I had to take the leap of faith sometime and let go of my fear of the unknown. And with this quilt, I am am happy I did. I just love FMQ now and looking forward to do more of it.

Apart from that, I am also learning bias tape making. This is the first large project in which I have used home made bias tape.The copper Sulphate bias border for this quilt is the second set of bias tape I am making from a fat quarter. The first one was white. learnt it from an online tutorial and love the magical way in which a fat quarter converts itself into yards of continuous and beautiful bias tape.

Bloggerโ€™s Quilt Festival Stats
Name: Dhruv’s ABC quilt
Size: 54″ X 42″
Quilted by: Me(Leena)
Appliqued by : Me(Leena)
Special technique: Hand needle turn applique, beginner’s FMQ
Best Category : Applique Quilt, Baby Quilt, Home Machine Quilted Quilt

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My hot pad is ready…a day after the actual event, after removing the machine quilting and redoing it completely in small stitches by hand and learning some bias binding method in the process of completion as well!
But the important thing is that its complete and I love it. I tried hand quilting for the first time and it turned out really awesome.

Used one of the tutorials off the net to make bias binding…was always to scared too try it but one fat quarter of fabric gave me 5.3m of bias tape…if thats not magic then what is!!
My little tip here is that I used a plastic ruler(scale) to wrap the tape as I went ahead with the pressing (to shape). This has an advantage over the spindles I have seen the tape being rolled over on, it stays and doesn’t roll out the already pressed tape.

A lot is left to be desired in terms of neatness of work and making the bias tape corners look good. But am HAPPY with the output !!

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Handmade by Heidi