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Recently I had an urge to make a charm square quilt. I was getting back to quilting after what seemed like ages and wanted to start from scratch. ’tis a totally different thing that I have never actually made a charm square quilt…so it wasn’t getting back or starting from scratch ๐Ÿ™‚ It was learning some new, at a beginner level, all over again!

And, whats better than one quilt? it indeed, is TWO ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently, I had chanced upon this free pattern and decided to made two of them similar in all respects…except that, one is made from Indian local fabric, self cut and sewn. The other is a pre cut charm square pack from Windham fabrics brought home from Quiltcon 2017.

Charm Square quilt top

Am happy with the outcome and Planning to complete and gift one to my little nephew-Piyush. He is the newest member in the family and his first New Year is right around the corner. Hoping this will be quilted and complete my then.
A couple of weekends to go ๐Ÿ™‚


When I saw the Dizzy Daisy tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Company I leapt up with joy. It looked so beautiful and so easy, a perfect project far a spring break. This is also a time when my dad-in-law’s birthday is around the corner so it would make a good quilt for my in-laws.

Here are some work in progress snaps and tips as I go along!

Dizzy Daisy Quilt

Dizzy Daisy Quilt

A few tips:

Tip1: Be cognizant of the seams and nest them. I thought it was a good idea to iron them outwards in each petal, although I usually prefer ironing to the dark side.

Tip2: Be cognizant of the direction of the petal tips. See if you want all your flowers to go clockwise or all anti-clockwise or a mix of both.

Tip3. If you are not a beginner sewists and bordering on an intermediate, then you can just eyeball the 2.5″ squares and sew across the diagonal, it just saves a lot of time(Kausalya’s tip).

42 blocks ==> 42×4 petals with 3 squares each are 504 small squares.

Tip4. When you iron them after cutting the triangles out, iron them on the wrong side of the charm square. One press sets the stitches and the second press ensures that the block stays flat. Since the triangles are sewn on the bias, best to iron them from the rear so the blocks stay flat and do not wrinkle.

Hope the tips help you, especially members of the India Quilt Guild Group on Facebook that are doing the Quilt Along with me.


Hubby’s friend had a baby daughter recently! Reason enough for me to make a quilt ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a simple quilt top using charm squares. While I was at it, I made a matching cushion cover to go with it as well.While this to be posted to their city of residence, am really eager that the quilt and cushion cover reach them at the earliest and I get to see how the little one looks all wrapped in the pink quilt with the cushion somewhere thrown in the background.

English Rose

English Rose

Nothing like watching a child use your creation ๐Ÿ™‚


Here, I have stitched the sides before quilting, much like basting the sides so it doesn’t move during quilting o binding! A little tip but helped a lot…


Nothing like watching a quilt loved, used and washed and re-used over the years…

Love the English rose feel of the quilt. It came together rather fast with just the charms and sashing to sew. I didn’t want to add a broad border that would take away or clash with the overall quilt design.

Hence the binding is a very thin 1″ binding. Am glad the way it turned out, fit, tight and prim. Was a great effort around the corners, but it was totally worth the effort.

Quilt Name: English Rose
Quilt Size: 40″ X 40″
Fabric: local Indian
Binding: Double sided 1″ tight narrow binding
Other details: Is a gift with a matching cushion cover
FMQ: flower detailing
Thread: Calypso off white which has a lovely sheen about it.

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Wanted to make some quick and easy Easter treats for my friends and I chanced upon this easy tutorial on Bunny treat bags at Sewcanshe. Whats more, they use charm squares(which I adore). After I made the first one, I got so addicted that I made a full half dozen.


The only change to the tutorial was in terms of matching hand sewn buttonhole and ribbons. I am going to put some chocolates/colourful candies into them with an engraved marble book mark each that I had brought from Lucknow last month but was waiting for a good treat bag to put them in.

Easter bunny treat bags

A little tip: Since the turning case for the drawstring through which the ribbon passes is very narrow, suggest you ensure the sides of the bag when you turn to sew the pipe face the direction in which the ribbon would enter the tube, else there would be resistance while threading the ribbon.

What the kid learns!
Kid learnt about Easter traditions, bunnies and Easter eggs and gets a goodie bag with treats for his school ๐Ÿ™‚

Its almost the end of the month and my Plus quilt is _finally_ showing some traction. The first row of Plus’ are pieced but then I realized that I hadn’t cut enough of the white fabric yet to take the quilt ahead, so back to the cutting board to cut some more charm squares in shades of blue and pure white. Think the quilt will turn out to be gorgeous.


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I have been completely bitten by the crochet bug. After having started the fusion crochet blanket and successfully completed 5 blocks in 5 days, I embarked upon the journey of making a crochet trim for a dupatta.


A dupatta is a long stole worn with the Indian traditional outfit, the Salwar Kameez.
On being suggested by a friend to try adding a trim to a dupatta, I found the perfect specimen required for this experiment at the back of my cupboard, a rather dull black plain cotton dupatta without a border. It looked like it could do with some makeover.In the absence of any real crochet thread at home, I just used some black wool AND was I surprised at the outcome or what !


For seasoned crochet enthusiasts this might look like a humble trim befitting a novice, but for me this turned out to be a real Anthropologie trim…am impressed by my humble attempt and the output.

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Yet another goodie bag and in the true nature of Valentine’s day…predominated by the colour of red. Here is a surprise that came in the very next day. A bag of gifts from Singer with a notepad, calendar, 2 pens, 4 pencils and some pamphlets. Its so sweet of the Singer folks to send me stuff.

And on another note, my fusion crochet blanket seems to be progressing well. 2 days and 2 pieces ready ! That’s the fastest that any project has ever moved ๐Ÿ™‚
Some quick math shows that if I continued with the present pace of completing one block a day, a 24 piece blanket would be ready in a month with a week to spare for joining the blocks together. I feel nostalgic calculating like this…back in school and college, while revising for an upcoming exam, I would calculate and recalculate the pace of revision required to complete the entire course…sometimes I proved the calculation right, sometimes not…but it was fun to calculate.
If I increase the quilt size it to a square 6X6 quilt, even then, the quilt should be done by march end.

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