Here is the mini quilt I will be taking you through today !

Hand Pieced Mini quilt

Hand Pieced Mini quilt

I love hand embroidery as much as I love English paper Piecing(EPP). A heartfelt thank you to @shoppershaz for giving me the opportunity to go back to hand quilting. EPP rather…
It is such a destressing and enjoyable feeling. Once I started making the squares and triangles, I just couldnt stop. The plan was to make one and I ended up with Three ferryswheel.



But all was not well to begin with. Of course I knew what I wanted to make and remembered it was a tute from ‘I am a ginger Monkey’ …but to my utter surprise, she has stopped her blog and previous posts are unavailable. Went to craftsy where it was registered but the link was dead.After a bit of research, I realized its called a ferryswheel with EPP triangles and squares.



That wasnt all. I had no clue how to EPP triangles and squares. Ended up sewing them like spider webs and all was messy. Also, started with solids as I originally planned to make it but they looked rather flat.My mini quilt swap partner loved bright colours. So I finally brought out my Alison Glass FQ bundle which I had received here from Shruti and since then I haven’t looked back.



The squares were squared and the triangles triangled…then joined and sewed and done! I tried some colourful echo hand quilting around in matching colours and loved it even more .
Sooooo want to make one for myself now!

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I participated in a tote swap this January and Yes, sent my partner the Blue tote I blogged about a while back along with two coasters and a pouch.

TMG swap sent

What I received was a lovely bright tote, a pouch and 4 books!! I was floored…my partner made the cut!

TMG swap received

I started with Sudha Murthy’s Old Man and his God, which she had shared with me from her own collection. The book consists of a series of short stories, incidents rather in simple English and is quite entertaining. Whats nice about the book is that it moves fast, has the social message of philanthropy prevalent throughout the book but doesn’t get preachy. Her myraid experiences collected through her travels is collated in this book.
A quick good read, I must say!

The tote is done and ready for shipping. I am really proud to see how I have improved since the last one –the stitches are even and neat, the size is perfect, the bag is stiff as required. Overall am glad of how it turned out so soon it will leave for its new home 🙂

This was for a specific swap at a friend’s site whom I buy fabric from’ ‘The Material Girls’ on Facebook. I used a butterfly print from her with a copper sulphate colour solid and same colour polka dots for the inside. A hand embroidered monogram for the partner adors the front.




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Last evening a friend, Kausalya made a wonderful pouch with ribbon embroidery. I absolutely loved the pouch she made and on being appreciated she set me up for a healthy challenge: If I made a bag in a day then the pouch would be mine 🙂
I pounced at the opportunity but what could I possibly make in a day!!

First was of course, a choice of fabric and I decided to use the red fabric that I had won in another challenge from her. Very appropriate for the occasion…

Mosaic Tile A

Then the bag construction per se…

Recently I seem to be obsessing over the quilt block from the Mosaic Block Quilt along. First I made this quilt top, then I made some cushions from the left over quilt blocks and in the same week I tried some more cushions(more on that later!) and now a tote 🙂

Its made of basic blocks of 8X8″ in red and 8X4″ with 15.5X4″ of grey.

Mosaic Tile B

The bright red is just right for the Valentine’s week!

Mosaic Tile C

The bag is hand quilted with running stitch in Anchor Perl 8- Red and quilted with thin batting which I bought from another friend Shanaz for the quilt top…

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Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

I’d rather call it a quick finish and glad that it didn’t join my list of WIPs.

Of late, I have been completely engrossed in the granny square afghan as I set myself a personal target of 20 blocks a week. This week, we had a mid week holiday and as I finished my day’s quota of blocks early in the morning, I set out to do something different. Granny square afghan is the first large project that I am undertaking in crochet and every large project deserves a dedicated project bag, in which, I can stow away as another WIP.

Just joking…I have every intention of completing it on schedule before the winter chill wanes off.


Now about the bag:
I wanted the bag dedicated to the project so the colour combination needed to match. After a little deliberation, I realized that for 5 bright colours to be sewn in, it had to either be a rainbow or a peacock. A quick free hand peacock diagram translated into 5 colourful peacocks in running stitch and lazy dazy.


After the hand embroidery, I took 4 pieces of 12X15 inches: 2 top cloth and 2 lining fabric choosing a lovely shot cotton for the top and a green fabric with stripes for the lining…finally sewing it into a simple tote with a 1.5inch base.


A twist in the tale 🙂 , the handles are half and half. One half is green and the other is in green stripes of the total 20inch handle.

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stitch by stitch

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Sashiko is a Japanese stitch that comes in designs with repetitive trends and geometric patterns. Surprising how stitches are common across boundaries. In India, the same stitch is called ‘kantha’, a basic running stitch which is usually meant for floral motifs. Its predominant in Eastern India and one can find stoles, tunics and sarees beautifully embroidered with this stitch.

Here is my humble attempt at getting the line straight…which comes only with practice…


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As thee school reopens after the summer, my little one wanted a napkin for school. He caught me drooling over some vintage embroidery designs at Feeling Stitchy for the July stitch along and promptly ordered for the same to be done on his napkin. I was also itching to try out some vintage hand embroidery and grabbed the opportunity that came my way.

I had neither the patience to take a print nor a carbon to trace the design so I just drew the pattern on fabric and started the embroidery. Little kid loves it, and so do I.

Thought the design is for a small happy honeybee family but then, that’s me and I am a girl ! Little boys like cars and watches and machines and bugs …so it soon got named as the ‘bug family’. He plans to carry it around and to school as well in order to show off to his friends. What could be a greater bliss than that 🙂

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