My hot pad is ready…a day after the actual event, after removing the machine quilting and redoing it completely in small stitches by hand and learning some bias binding method in the process of completion as well!
But the important thing is that its complete and I love it. I tried hand quilting for the first time and it turned out really awesome.

Used one of the tutorials off the net to make bias binding…was always to scared too try it but one fat quarter of fabric gave me 5.3m of bias tape…if thats not magic then what is!!
My little tip here is that I used a plastic ruler(scale) to wrap the tape as I went ahead with the pressing (to shape). This has an advantage over the spindles I have seen the tape being rolled over on, it stays and doesn’t roll out the already pressed tape.

A lot is left to be desired in terms of neatness of work and making the bias tape corners look good. But am HAPPY with the output !!

Linking it to FNSI at Handmade with Heidi.

Handmade by Heidi


My little boy asked for a penguin after watching little kids on TV playing with them in some international children park. I didn’t know what to do but after thinking a while I said, “That gives me an idea!” quoting his favorite character Mister Maker from the series by the same name on CBeebies. I searched the net and stumbled upon this amazing tutorial from PurlBee. But what about the Penguin Fabric bundle? I didn’t have it, international buying and shipping would take a couple of days and kids have little patience for things like these.

I went rummaging through my fabric cupboard to chance upon something that resembled her suggested fabric line.There is no combination that’s not available in a quilters den, more so in an ‘aspiring quilters’ den ! Got some coordinating fabric and pattern all nicely cut out as per instructions…stitched and stuffed as directed…viola ! the penguin came out perfect!

Linking it to FNSI
Handmade by Heidi

And One Thing one week challenge !

Amy's Creative Side

While lazing around one winter afternoon, I came upon the idea to get a new home for my new sun-glasses. Winter almost being an unheard term in these parts of the world, summer is an omnipresent season throughout the year—sunscreen and sun glasses are a girl’s best friend. So a little effort on a new cover seems just right.
A length of off white raw silk !

Some raw silk

Some embroidery in warm colours to herald the harsh Indian summer!

Buttonhole stitch

A dash of colour with a lovely bright linning quilting!

Embroidered eyeglass cover

With a beaded edge and its ready for a beach party !

Beaded edge

A good way of exploring this week’s stitch at TAST-2 and put it to optimal use 🙂

Adding to FNSI for the month.
Handmade by Heidi

Amy's Creative Side

I love hexies as you would have seen in several of my posts. I somehow find them very relaxing and de-stressing or a go-to project when I am watching tv. So this Friday was hexie time…
First I cut up fabric squares and basted them and then side stitched to form 6 hexie flowers.WoW! I just completed a batch in one night. That’s cool !


Linking it to ‘Friday Night Sew In’ at Heidi’s blog.
Handmade by Heidi

I am participating in the Friday Night Sew In this month and I have chosen to work on the third sampler block from the Summer Sampler Series. I completed the block last week but due to wrong alignment of the HSTs and color coding, the final block looked a lot different from the one desired. You can see it here. It looked pretty and symmetrical and I was proud of it so didn’t want to use a seam ripper on it.

Instead made one as per the original pattern today.

Summer Sampler Series : Block 3

This sure resembles the pattern in the Sampler Series original:)
Linking to Friday Night Sew In(FNSI)
Handmade by Heidi

Handmade by Heidi

Another Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) and another mug rug. This one is for a friend. Someone wanted a personalized mug and I just thought, how about a coffee mug with a matching mug rug. That would be cool!
I am kind of new to sewing and quilting and hence do not possess a large stock of variegated fabric in every colour to choose from:( So my first challenge after having got the mug was to get some matching fabric.

Matching fabric for Mug Rug

Then some matching hand embroidery to replicate the design on the mug….well almost !

And then the final binding and its over ! I love it but its made for someone and I have to part with it. I think of artists who have to make a living by selling their handmade art. Quite an effort !

Completed Mug Rug

Handmade by Heidi

This month for the Friday Night Sew In I made a mug rug on Friday. It’s a sandwich with denim fabric on either side monogrammed by a ‘D’ for my little toddler. I hand embroidered the ‘D’ using a simple filling stitch in yellow. Then I made a double layer straight bind on the side to match the yellow embroidery. Border stitching is slightly tricky but I am relieved that I got it right. My kid loves the mug rug but I love it more 🙂

Mug Rug

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