Returned from the Quilting weekend to find this lovely book waiting for me, a gift from DH :)

Sunday Stash 17 Aug

This quilt top is modeled after the Mod Chevron baby Quilt by Rashida Coleman Hale. Keeping to the tradition of adding a little ‘me’ into everything I do, the quilt top has been made using a layer cake of 10×10″ pieces. So each quilt block is achieved by joining the HSTs and measures around 9.5″ square.

The quilt is composed of 6×8 quilt blocks and would measure around 60×80 when completed.

What is really cool about the quilt top is that it uses fabric from my stash :) Not a single piece is bought from the store and I am really really happy about it.


Here the quilt top lies on my balcony railing. With the rain clouds on the horizon, its impossible to get a bright snap outside.

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A proud moment when I finally completed my quilt and gifted it to my sister, 2 days after her birthday and a year+a month after her first anniversary :)
A quilt was scheduled for her wedding but I never could muster enough courage to attempt a large quilt.This is the first full-size quilt that I have attempted and successfully completed. Am so proud of it. Herez my lovely sis and the little one modelling the quilt at her house beside the beach :)

And a thumbs up to a lot more on the anvil !!

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Sew Fresh Quilts

Last evening a friend, Kausalya made a wonderful pouch with ribbon embroidery. I absolutely loved the pouch she made and on being appreciated she set me up for a healthy challenge: If I made a bag in a day then the pouch would be mine :)
I pounced at the opportunity but what could I possibly make in a day!!

First was of course, a choice of fabric and I decided to use the red fabric that I had won in another challenge from her. Very appropriate for the occasion…

Mosaic Tile A

Then the bag construction per se…

Recently I seem to be obsessing over the quilt block from the Mosaic Block Quilt along. First I made this quilt top, then I made some cushions from the left over quilt blocks and in the same week I tried some more cushions(more on that later!) and now a tote :)

Its made of basic blocks of 8X8″ in red and 8X4″ with 15.5X4″ of grey.

Mosaic Tile B

The bright red is just right for the Valentine’s week!

Mosaic Tile C

The bag is hand quilted with running stitch in Anchor Perl 8- Red and quilted with thin batting which I bought from another friend Shanaz for the quilt top…

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Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

Why do I call them winter coasters? Because, they are made of wool…summers are so hot here, I would possibly faint at the mention of wool :)


I will be undertaking the daunting task of starting an afghan, a real full sized afghan.This is the first time I am attempting a large crochet project. And, knowing my love for double crochet, call it a near obsession, I found myself the retro circle tutorial at the Three beans in a pod absolutely beautiful.

I tried a few coasters just to get a hang of the pattern before I jump head long into the afghan project(with a little variation, of course)…absolutely love the fact that all DCs from row 2 to 5 are in the back loop. It leaves a lovely ridge on top that makes the whirls of Dc stand out in concentric rings :)

Round 1: A magic circle
Round 2: Chain 3, marking the 1st DC(double crochet) and then 11 more. Close with a slip stitch onto the 3rd chain.Total =12 stitches

Round 3: Chain 3, marking the 1st double crochet, 1 DC in the same stitch, continue with 2 DC in each of the base chains. Close with a slip stitch onto the 3rd chain. Total =24 stitches

Round 4: Chain 3,marking the 1st DC.1 DC in same chain.2 DC in the next,continuing with 2 DC in every alternate chain, and 1 in every alternate(so 1DC,2 DC, 1DC,2DC…). Close with a slip stitch onto the 3rd chain.Total =36 stitches

This is where my pattern deviates from that of Adele:

Round 5:Chain 3,marking the 1st DC.1 DC in same chain.2 DC in the next,continuing with 2 DC in every alternate chain and 1 in every alternate(so 1DC,2 DC, 1DC,2DC…).Close with a slip stitch onto the 3rd chain.Total =52 stitches
Change colour here.

Round 6:Chain 3,marking the 1st DC.1 DC in each chain after this and continue till last chain in the ring.Close with a slip stitch onto the 3rd chain.Total =52 stitches

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Recently friends have been moving out from town and making me feel miserable as I pull myself together to sew them some goodies. However, recently a new one moved in to town. She, of course, came in and then became a friend.
Recently she had a house warming party and I made these quick coordinated polka dotted hot pads. She loved them and so did I.


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I realized I have been bitten by the crochet bug yet again when I tried making several versions of crochet hexagon flowers. When I searched for free tutorials on the net, I changed upon many colourful versions of the African Hexagon flower. But I wanted something that was simple and exotic.

By no way I am saying I don’t like the African Hexagon flower, ‘coz that’s going to be my next project but currently Red Heart LW3284 caught my fancy. Even after trying multiple attempts I couldn’t get it right…gave up unhappily knowing that the pattern possibly had a misprint.


But I gave up just the pattern, not the idea. Soon I stumbled upon the Crochet hexagon Throw again from Red Heart. the flower turned out beautiful, somewhat 3 dimensional and absolutely adorable…I just didn’t have 5 coloured wool to go for it. Went to The HAB too to pick up some wool. But that being a Thursday, they were closed .
Pattern 2 also had to be discarded for lack of availability of raw materials. I almost make it sound like a brick and mortar project :( just a lot more colourful and desirable !

Here are the first two attempts :


Third time lucky and I got a youtube video from Super crochet mom. The pattern is simple and something I could make using just double crochet stitches, I love them …they are my favourite stitches from the lot and whats more, they make beautiful looking hexagon flower.


The target now is to complete 20 of these in 30 days.
Adding to my my target for August:
A Lovely Year of Finishes

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