A few days back India completed its 65th Republic Day celebration and true to the colours I wanted to complete a project in saffron, white and green, some blue added… When I saw these lovely polka dotted hexies, Anjeanette’s hexie tables runner came to mind. I promptly got the hexies and started the project. But then, a long weekend and trip out of town didn’t do any good to the project(the tone sounds like  I am sulking but I love a holiday).


This Saturday morning I sat down for some hand-sewing and completed the EPP hexies. Wanted a table runner with no holes so while I followed Anjeannet’s idea, ensured I took a whole cloth and fixed the hexie lace on top. It required so many pins, I almost died cursing myself for not making additional white hexies and attaching them in the rear.


Here is the completed table topper.And like everything else in the house, needs a good press on a hot iron.What I would do differently the next time is that I would definitely add some batting,how, I still have no clue as turning around the hexies becomes extremely difficult. But this one, sure can do with a bit if loft.



As my househelp asked for a cloth for dusting, I quickly conjured up a dusting cloth by hand stitching bright hexies into a fat quarter and side stitching the fabric 🙂
Love the brightness and contrast of colours.


Next, I tried out a back pattern at it turned out just perfect with some machine embroidery in the handles.!
Its my sewing machine in the background…


And then, a quilted laptop sleeve from a christmas-y fabric that my friend Shahnaz gifted me 🙂

Quite a productive week I must say !

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I love the colours in the mug rug/hot pad(am yet to decide if its a mug rug or a hot pad). The yellow, I think, looks lovely in the afternoon sun and the hexagon flower is one from my collection that would have made it to the grandmother’s flower garden quilt.

I quilted the background first, with batting and backing…a new technique for me and am glad the lines turned out all parallel to each other. The flower was the last to get added, completing it with a white border…wanted the border to be subtle so the flower would stand out, not the border !

This makes me feel how the simple paper pieced hexagon flower can be so versatile. So am back to my paper piecing of white hexagons to complete the grandmother’s flower garden quilt. It required almost 600 white hexies and I am around 100 at present.

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My ever growing stack of hexies has reached 70

with the addition of last week’s 7.

The big plan is to make 30 more flowers in the last 30 days of the year. A round figure of 100 would be good to start making the borders 🙂

I am slowly getting obsessed by the hexies.

Slowly inching towards the flowers in the grandmother’s flower garden …

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A fresh set of hexies for the week.

Linking it to WIP Wednesday. Lee completed a year and I amglad that i am part of this amazing journey .
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Discipline brings in results. A hexie a day seems have worked for me this week…

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