Hot Pad

Recently friends have been moving out from town and making me feel miserable as I pull myself together to sew them some goodies. However, recently a new one moved in to town. She, of course, came in and then became a friend.
Recently she had a house warming party and I made these quick coordinated polka dotted hot pads. She loved them and so did I.


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I love the colours in the mug rug/hot pad(am yet to decide if its a mug rug or a hot pad). The yellow, I think, looks lovely in the afternoon sun and the hexagon flower is one from my collection that would have made it to the grandmother’s flower garden quilt.

I quilted the background first, with batting and backing…a new technique for me and am glad the lines turned out all parallel to each other. The flower was the last to get added, completing it with a white border…wanted the border to be subtle so the flower would stand out, not the border !

This makes me feel how the simple paper pieced hexagon flower can be so versatile. So am back to my paper piecing of white hexagons to complete the grandmother’s flower garden quilt. It required almost 600 white hexies and I am around 100 at present.

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My hot pad is ready…a day after the actual event, after removing the machine quilting and redoing it completely in small stitches by hand and learning some bias binding method in the process of completion as well!
But the important thing is that its complete and I love it. I tried hand quilting for the first time and it turned out really awesome.

Used one of the tutorials off the net to make bias binding…was always to scared too try it but one fat quarter of fabric gave me 5.3m of bias tape…if thats not magic then what is!!
My little tip here is that I used a plastic ruler(scale) to wrap the tape as I went ahead with the pressing (to shape). This has an advantage over the spindles I have seen the tape being rolled over on, it stays and doesn’t roll out the already pressed tape.

A lot is left to be desired in terms of neatness of work and making the bias tape corners look good. But am HAPPY with the output !!

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Its Dusshera today and we decided on a potluck party with friends… actually neighbours, but they are also our closest friends in town. we usually hang out with them.We were supposed to make only rice and mutton curry by lunch time. And I was the sous chef for the day at home. So after waking up kid and doing the housework and breakfast and all (the other regular routine stuff that had to be done by me as house help was on her day off), I settled down for the lunch preparation…thankfully it turned out well.

Lunch got slightly late as we weren’t ready by 1pm but it turned out to be a lovely small party at our neighbour’s place with a relaxed lunch followed by a looongish chat and tea and then driving down to South Mumbai to have ice cream at Naturals…then staying back at NCPA for some ‘time by the sea’ and snaps. We were just testing the new camera and the snaps turned out.
Finally we called it a day and settled down to a movie at home. Dead tired but a day well spent…felt like HOLIDAY !!

This is truly a WIP…a pinwheel hot pad in pink and blue which was to be completed by lunch as I intended to gift it to my neighbour as we were going to her place for lunch. But I don’t know bias binding…hence its yet unfinished. First thing tomorrow morning, learn to make bias binding…

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