Mug Rug

In life, one comes across various kinds of quilting projects.

First, there are projects that you like and you wish you had made one similar to this.
Second, there are those that inspire you, YOU file them safe somewhere at the back of your cranium and one day during a lazy evening walk it turns into something inspirational and a new idea emerges.
There is yet a third category of projects, which when you see them, you want to jump up and grab your laptop screen. These make you feel like you should leave everything else and start making one right away.

My current project belongs to the third category. A little background story on the discovery. I was late to post for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and when I did get to see the post, I found it to be a guest post by Jenelle from Echinops and Aster. I looked at Jenille’s blog and realized that like me she loves crochet, hexagon EPP, hand embroidery and is an amazing quilter. I am just learning all of this so love the fact that Jennile and I have similar likes and this gives me an opportunity to learn from someone, who like me, most probably, is torn between hand projects and machine quilting. I also discovered that she is having a quilt along and I have happily volunteered to join in.

Honeycomb Stitch-Along

In her guest post she had mentioned a particular fusion crochet project and that was my object of affection, right there in front of me. My craving for an ongoing hand project seemed to be satiated the moment I saw this and before the sun turned sides, a beautiful mug rug had emerged. I am long due on a gift fro my friend’s 21 month old. This is definitely going to her son.



Lily's Quilts

The original pattern inspiration is from the crochet blanket at Sewing Daisies.

I love the colours in the mug rug/hot pad(am yet to decide if its a mug rug or a hot pad). The yellow, I think, looks lovely in the afternoon sun and the hexagon flower is one from my collection that would have made it to the grandmother’s flower garden quilt.

I quilted the background first, with batting and backing…a new technique for me and am glad the lines turned out all parallel to each other. The flower was the last to get added, completing it with a white border…wanted the border to be subtle so the flower would stand out, not the border !

This makes me feel how the simple paper pieced hexagon flower can be so versatile. So am back to my paper piecing of white hexagons to complete the grandmother’s flower garden quilt. It required almost 600 white hexies and I am around 100 at present.

Connecting to Sew Modern Monday !

My cousin came over this Saturday afternoon. She has been in Mumbai for a couple of months now and her busy student campus schedule has hardly given her time to move out of campus. As she is leaving for our home town this Monday so she decided to come over and meet us. What a relief to see family and how one just enjoys their company… So all said, a lovely weekend.

I made her this mug rug…it was half finished on my design wall and she just loved it. so I added some border and off it went.

Family meets are also characterized by relaxing good tasting meals:

Spaghetti with mutton peperoni along with Karachi biscuits breakfast. A friend got these Karachi biscuits from Hyderabad…they are extremely fattening and hence, possibly taste great !

simple Indian Chicken curry, rice and boondi raita for lunch and cold coffee with banana muffins for the evening.

Then finally followed by some raisin and chocolate muffins for kiddos tiffin to school over the week. The recipe is the same as my chocolate chip muffins..just added a few raisins to it.

This is what I made for my partner…wouldn’t reveal more details as she might be reading my blog ;)

Hexagon Flower

Its a lovely paper pieced hexagon flower on a vegetable dyed bottle green fabric.

Completed Mug Rug for swap partner

I am linking it to Sew {Modern} Monday !
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

I received my mug rug today from the Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2…I am on cloud nine! This is the first swap I have participated in and I am extremely pleased to receive this from my swap partner, Sonia. She has added a crocheted dish cloth and book mark along with the mug rug.

Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2

The mug rug is absolutely adorable.What really reflects her skill is that the binding is perfect, all squares match, the metered corners just turn the way they should and the back fabric has actually continued to become the binding. Love it !
The dish cloth of course is too good to be a dish cloth…I am just going to treasure it and put it up on the wall to show off to my friends :) Have already started using the book mark for the book I just started reading.Thank you Sonia for the lovely things …


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