As the colourful festival of Holi goes by and the festivities, myraid colors, partying and good food comes to an end, one feels nostalgic and the need to hold on to the festival cheer takes center-stage.

In the same spirit I drew up my own pattern for a coin purse with the help of a tea saucer and picked up some vibrant multicolored fabric to suit the mood.

coin purse 1

The coin purse is complete and sits at my desk, ready to go to its destination. Its a gift for a friend.

coin purse 2

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Sew Fresh Quilts

Love the simple design and the quick output. Ideal for a quick gift…

I have used a black and beige handloom fabric from Orissa(state in eastern India) with an ash grey thin cotton for the back of the jewellery pouch. Will be writing a tutorial soon on this…

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Experimenting a jewellery pouch !

Turned out just fine…

Can house multiple pieces of small jewellery at a time and very convenient during travel.

I was shopping last weekend with my sister and bought my house keeper a pair of jhumkas(traditional dangling earrings) and this pouch is a gift for her to house the pair :)
It definitely turned out better than expected and she is on top of the moon, knowing its for her.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Recently during one of my my regular sojourn around the net to see what are the new things that have cropped up in the crafts world , I stumbled upon Lr Stitched which has the Zakka sew along continuing. I instantly fell in love with the pretty pouch that is the project for the week. However, pouches always look difficult to me and I cant figure out how they magically turn to a beautiful wrap for your precious things hiding all joins and looking all pretty and beautiful.

I thought I’d give it a try and to my surprise it turned out beautiful. What was more surprising was that the moment I picked up the ash linen and the organic car and scooter fabric from ‘Monaluna Birch fabric circa 50’, I got the exact shade of solid for the border, same shade lace to match, same green seed beads as the fabric to make the loop and a largish white bead to hold the loop in place—all from my own cupboard, without having to step outside in the rain to fetch a things or two from the supplies store or ordering online. I am starting to think :
–either its beginner’s luck that I had every shade matching in my cupboard or
–my stash is growing to actually fulfill my needs !

Whatever that might be, I am just HAPPY with the outcome…maybe I can stitch a few in different colours and gift them to my kindle owner friends.

An experiment on making a pouch turned out just right. I referred to a tutorial from Kekya Lou. This was the first time I was using fusible interfacing and the second time for setting a zipper …but thanks to her lovely tutorial I got a beautiful dumpling pouch ready to use.

The outside is a lovely grey and white polka dot with the pink inner fabric peeping out when you open it. Cant wait to start using it.

Every girl needs a little bit of pink in her life.

My grandmother’s flower garden quilt made of handmade hexies has been gathering dust for about a month as the flowers are complete but I am yet to start the white hexies for the background. So to embark upon the ‘journey of the white hexies’, I have made this vibrant embroidered pouch to store the WIP hexies.

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While lazing around one winter afternoon, I came upon the idea to get a new home for my new sun-glasses. Winter almost being an unheard term in these parts of the world, summer is an omnipresent season throughout the year—sunscreen and sun glasses are a girl’s best friend. So a little effort on a new cover seems just right.
A length of off white raw silk !

Some raw silk

Some embroidery in warm colours to herald the harsh Indian summer!

Buttonhole stitch

A dash of colour with a lovely bright linning quilting!

Embroidered eyeglass cover

With a beaded edge and its ready for a beach party !

Beaded edge

A good way of exploring this week’s stitch at TAST-2 and put it to optimal use :-)

Adding to FNSI for the month.
Handmade by Heidi

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