Mira’s Triangle Quilt

My friend recently had a baby girl and named her Mira. She is the cutest little baby I have seen(actually I have just seen the pictures, am yet to meet her). Having told myself that I will go and meet Mira only when I make her a quilt, am already too late in starting one.... Continue Reading →


Tula Pink Ombre Sampler Quilt Block 91-100

The final set of 10 blocks is here 🙂 I am so happy to have completed the project in a disciplined and timely manner. And 100 days is not a short period...to do something daily and posting it on Instagram, with people all around the world, commenting and keeping everybody motivated has been an amazing... Continue Reading →

Norway Quilt

This pixelated quilt is based on Camille Roskelly's Norway Quilt. I have used a pixelated version to complete the picture and am hoping this is the beginning of a trend for a lot more pixelated quilts in future. Its a basic 17 X17 grid and each piece is 1.5" finished. I am quiet happy with... Continue Reading →

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