It was the 1st of April and we quilters in Mumbai decided to meet up. No April fools day but yes a lot of fooling around.
Here you see a picture of the entire group, sans me…I am the official photographer as I jokingly put it 😉
I am there of course, just behind the camera.

Quilt Meet

Hema volunteered to host us and had the most amazing spread ready for us, not just in terms of quilts but food as well 🙂

Hema with her latest Quilt

Hema’s quilt

Hema and Usha’s other quilts

Above pics show her other quilts…what a treat for the eyes.

Amazing stories flowed in one after the other, be it the initial days of making quilt tops and getting quilted them by a tailor to not knowing the name of the blocks to having only books for reference before the omnipresent Google era.

Geeta’s splendid sampler

Admiring the splendid sampler

Saira’s work:

Saira’s Show and tell

Saira’s amazing sling bag…

Saira’s Dizzy Daisy Quilt top…

And finally my Tula pink Sampler Quilt top…

My Tula Pink Sampler Quilt

A day full of Quilt speak and motivation galore…


The final set of 10 blocks is here 🙂
I am so happy to have completed the project in a disciplined and timely manner. And 100 days is not a short period…to do something daily and posting it on Instagram, with people all around the world, commenting and keeping everybody motivated has been an amazing learning and enriching experience.

Tula Pink Sampler Quilt

Tula Pink Sampler Quilt

Now looking forward to putting them all together and making the quilt top 🙂

Aha! So the journey which started with a single step is almost coming to an end…the penultimate set of blocks are ready! But I am having withdrawl symptoms. I have been used to the regular schedule of making and posting a block everyday so it seems like 10-days down the line I will be starting into nothingness.

Am also excited to see the end result when I can display all my 100 blocks in their Ombre setting. Hoping it all falls in place.

Simple math tells me that the 100 blocks are taking me somewhere close to a week of non stop sewing. Phew! thats a lot of time…just tht its broken down into smaller chunks of 30-45 mins on a daily basis and hence the quilt blocks are getting completed on time. A slow, focused,sustained, discipline over the last 90(soon to be 100) days.

Tula Pink Ombre Blocks 81-90

Tula Pink Ombre Blocks 81-90

This set of 10 blocks was a rather late-night kind of set; 6 out of 10 were sewn after the work day was over. With the online community showering as much love and affection as they did in the earlier blocks, this set also got completed as per schedule with a sew and post each day!

Tula Pink

Tula Pink

Half the journey is over. 50 blocks completed! Now for the next 50…

This is my first sampler quilt and it feels great to be moving ahead steadily as per schedule.

The third set of 10 blocks in the Tula Pink Sampler Quilt Along went off without a hitch: No last minute running around, no late night rushing…almost BAU, planned kind of sewing which is very unsettling for me as I am not a plan and execute kind of quilter.

You can see how I got into this in the first post and how it progressed along. block #21-30 here

Tula Pink Sampler

Tula Pink Sampler

I was almost getting tired of the same fabrics going in round so made a block in just grey and white and then two more in a bright printed canvas(with a reindeer).

Tula Pink Sampler

Tula Pink Sampler


These turned out bright and different 🙂

This is an Ombre quilt and hence I need to get more blocks that fall in the extremes.

Hubby’s friend had a baby daughter recently! Reason enough for me to make a quilt 🙂

This is a simple quilt top using charm squares. While I was at it, I made a matching cushion cover to go with it as well.While this to be posted to their city of residence, am really eager that the quilt and cushion cover reach them at the earliest and I get to see how the little one looks all wrapped in the pink quilt with the cushion somewhere thrown in the background.

English Rose

English Rose

Nothing like watching a child use your creation 🙂


Here, I have stitched the sides before quilting, much like basting the sides so it doesn’t move during quilting o binding! A little tip but helped a lot…


Nothing like watching a quilt loved, used and washed and re-used over the years…

Love the English rose feel of the quilt. It came together rather fast with just the charms and sashing to sew. I didn’t want to add a broad border that would take away or clash with the overall quilt design.

Hence the binding is a very thin 1″ binding. Am glad the way it turned out, fit, tight and prim. Was a great effort around the corners, but it was totally worth the effort.

Quilt Name: English Rose
Quilt Size: 40″ X 40″
Fabric: local Indian
Binding: Double sided 1″ tight narrow binding
Other details: Is a gift with a matching cushion cover
FMQ: flower detailing
Thread: Calypso off white which has a lovely sheen about it.

Linking it to Lets get Social!

Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

August is dedicated to Flying Geese and I planned to make a baby quilt. That was the target. I bought these lovely ombre over the previous weekend and 15 days down the line, one 4 day holiday inbetween, and I have completed the quilt …

Feel like giving myself a  small pat in the back!

Its possibly the fastest project in terms of time elapsed between ‘fabric to quilt top’ and then ‘fabric to final quilt’. Actually I already had this project in mind, so when I saw the fabric I just jumped on it and grabbed it with both hands… ha ha ha


A note on Flying geese blocks to myself so I don’t forget the basics.

Note: There are 2 types of fabric used in a  flying Geese block. The larger fabric belongs to the geese and the smaller one to the sides. Neutral is usually the sides for me, so neutrals need to be cut into 4 smaller pieces and the geese in one large piece. The width of the block is twice the height. The large fabric size= required width of block+1.24″(mine are 11.25″) and the small fabric is half that+.7/8″(mine were 5 7/8″). These gave me 4 geese in each set, 3 I used for this quilt and one remains as an extra.

The quilt is double bound with 2″ straight cut tape in the darkest shade of pink used in the quilt.

Time taken from start to finish: 12 days.

The inspiration is from  Andrea’s quilt which in turn is from City stitches with changes in size and direction of geese.

Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

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