April quilt meet-Mumbai

It was the 1st of April and we quilters in Mumbai decided to meet up. No April fools day but yes a lot of fooling around. Here you see a picture of the entire group, sans me...I am the official photographer as I jokingly put it 😉 I am there of course, just behind the... Continue Reading →


Abstract Expression: Portrait workshop

The first time I saw this wall quilt, I thought it was impossible; never even wanted to attempt it. My painting skills are limited to just sketching...ha ha However, Shruti convinced me that this was doable and was a worthy skill to have. I am glad I agreed. The workshop was over the long weekend,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash: Meeting quilting friends

Had an amazing weekend, meeting quilting friends in Pune on my way back from the holiday and tonnes of quilting goodiess, literally! But first, Me with all the Bella Parade 2015 goodies from Shruti ...lovely pack of Bella Solids and Aurifil .   Followed by Food, Fun and Fabric ...what an alliteration !! And here... Continue Reading →

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