Sunday Stash

Perfect time for some Easter egg fabric…

The bright lemon-fabric plans to become table mats…lets see if I can help her achieve her aim!

2017 Sunday Stash wk16

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I just love text print…wondering what I could make from these – one has a ‘home’ theme and the other ‘Valentines’

2017 Sunday Stash week 15

Fabric gifts from friends and family are the best gifts for a quilter πŸ™‚

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A new year calls for experimentaion with new designs, patterns and material! Here is a different material…some faux leather and some pure leather to try out in pouches and bags πŸ™‚

2017 Sunday Stash 2

2017 Sunday Stash 2

Those pencils also have some lovely sayings on them …

Purple: Creativity pride Enlightenment Mystery Nobility
Red: Love Courageous passionate Sensual Power
Orange: Energy Playful Stimulation Enthusiasm Warm

Lets see what comes up through 2017 πŸ™‚

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This week’s Sunday Stash consists of two half yard pieces.

While both are local Indian fabric, I love the one on top which has a European feel about it with castles in muted pastels.

Sunday Stash -Indian Fabric

Sunday Stash -Indian Fabric

The second one with triangles was bought purely to be inspired to make a triangle quilt. October then, is purely dedicated to triangles πŸ™‚

On that note, I have also re-purposed an old board with a white laminate to form a base for some of my pictures, primarily small objects…yet to figure out a solution for quilts! For now, the sofa has to suffice for them πŸ™‚

Both these fabrics are from ‘The Material Girls’ on Facebook!

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Some Riley Blake kind of canvas always makes my heart flutter and I just cannot resist buying πŸ™‚ Well! That’s actually true to all fabric…one resolve I haven’t been able to maintain across the years.
This might become totes, bags, God knows what! When it comes to fabric, I am the one that ‘buys first and thinks next’ πŸ˜‰

Sunday Stash 37

Sunday Stash 37

Bought 2metres each from the wonderful Pabha Mathew at Quiltaholics. I have bought fabric from her on numerous occasions and each time her professionalism and timeliness has left a pleasant feeling.

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It was one of those occasional weekends when Prajakta of Green Leaf Quilts and I went shopping for some local fabric.

Fabric shopping

She had gone there to buy some fabric for totes and I had decided to do some window shopping…strictly no fabric buying until I get some sewing done(is what I had thought)!

But this is what I came home with …

2016 SS32-1

Enough grey print to make three totes with neon bright shot cotton lining!

2016 SS32-2

Novelty fabric in fish and aeroplanes…which I currently have no use for but who ever said no to lovely fabric!

That wasn’t all, some fabric also got added to the stash…that I am retaining to show you next weekend.

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Bought this lovely set of Fat Quarters from the TSala Studio in Bangalore.

Fat Quarter

Recently I had the good fortune to attend a trunk show by Australian Quilter Jenny Bowker and was completely floored by her work. She gave us a quick hint on how to make her tile quilt. These FQs are for a tile quilt. lets see how it comes up and if I am able to make one.
A long weekend coming up around the Indian Independence Day so looking forward to some sewing.

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