Time to buy some zippers and then make some zippered pouches 😊
Four dozen of multicoloured zippers are just the way to begin a relaxed weekend…

Get ready to see a lot of zippered pouches…do you want tutorials for all the zippered pouches I make?

2017 Sunday Stash 8

2017 Sunday Stash 8

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This is the sixth week of the Garden Snail Quilt Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along Gnomengel and thankfully I have been able to catch up. Next week, there is travel planned on my itinerary so there could be a break again. But so far so good…all 6 snails are ready in 6 rainbow colours!
One remains yet!



Learning from 1&2: The grey is too light and the snail body doesn’t stand out against the white backdrop.



Learning from 2&3: The grey is fine and stands out against the white background but the material is polyster. Firstly, its difficult to sew and then it shrinks under and iron!



These are better but the wonky blocks need to improve.

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This is an amazing find. I got this fabric in early January and quickly made a craft apron from it for an upcoming swap. You can see the details of the swap and the craft apron here.

2017 Sunday Stash 4

2017 Sunday Stash 5

So, this is a fabric find where the project came first and then comes the Sunday Stash post about acquiring the fabric 🙂 hmmm…
That’s a first and a strange one at that.

This is a lovely thick canvas, perfect for making bags and cushions for quilty friends. I bought this from Quiltaholics around the wake of the new year and is about 2 metres in length. That’s a lot of fabric at 60″ width for multiple small projects.

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The quilt top is finally ready and I cant tell you how happy I am. Not just because its the next logical step in quilt making but because this is where all the 100 blocks come together which I together before Halloween last year along with the #100days100blocks quilt along gang on Instagram.

Tula Pink Sampler quilt

Tula Pink Sampler quilt

This quilt top is huge…its 90X90″ and I have no clue what to back it with and how to quilt it on a domestic sewing machine. Here it is lying in all its majesty on my sofa:)

As of now, I am just basking in the happiness of the Quit Top being ready.

I was fortunate to test a few blocks for Quietplay on Instagram for her new series due for release by month end.


The word I tested was ‘QUILT’ and I love the way it turned out. I could never imagine that cursive writing was possible using paper piecing…what about all those curves! Butt Kristy has made it possible; the pattern is due for release by end of January.


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The first project of the New Year is actually a swap item. Am so happy am making something for someone else…While I cant reveal her name until she gets her goodies, she is someone I adore for her spirit and positive attitude 🙂

Craft Apron

Craft Apron

I was looking for a quick project to make for the swap and this just fit the bill.
It took about an hour to complete it end-to-end! Of course the pieces were pre-cut:)

We have to send a dozen items to the partner as part of the swap. So here is a list of all of them :
1.Craft Apron from pattern by Shruti Dandekar
2.Judwa pouch by Kausalya Pandit
3. A Japanese sewing kit
4. A Japanese washi tape roll
5.A Japnese thin Frixion pen
6. Some wooden ‘handmade’ buttons


7. Some wide ribbon
8. One iron-on design
9. A few chocolates


10. 4 Fat Quarters of fcordiated fabric
11. one satin machine sewing Thread roll
12. One clover seam ripper
13. Two zippers(brown and red)
14: Flat tipped pins


An assorted fun pack to put together!


I love making New Year resolutions! Beginning of a new year seems like a completely new starting point to me…I can start all over again with new zeal and enthusiasm!
A new ‘To do’ list …with some items borrowed from last year and some new…
Oh! What joy…

Last year I made my list and linked to the post by Yvonee of Quilting Jetgirl. You can see the Goals of 2016 here and the progress here.

A brief list of what I Plan to accomplish in 2017:
1. Start Bullet journaling: I have been watching people make their bullet journals and its time for me to take the plunge
2. Complete one quilting item a month: say a quilt top or quilting a pre-completed top or the likes. Hence, a numerical target of completing at least 6 quilts through the year.
3. Over the years I have collected quilting journals and books. 2017 would be the year to start using them. What good are they just sitting on the shelf!
4. Sew at least one item for myself; maybe just a small pouch or bag or something but one item for sure that I can sew and use #selfishsewing
5. I will continue my habit of #sewsomethingeveryday . A lot gets done by just maintaining a disciplined approach.
6. Focus on getting more fit and healthy. This one stays in the list across the years.
7. Make some crochet projects…maybe some tatting as well…some needle work and the likes.
8. Learn at least one new skill related to the hobby.
9. Participate in at least one collaborative project
10. Try to publish a pattern
11. Submit at least one article/quilt work to a magazine.
12. Write a few tutorials on the blog.

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