Some cute vehicle print for kids. Totally love it…its perfectly quilt weight and would be a joy to sew with 🙂
This promptly goes on to get added to the stash in the quilting fabric cupboard to be brought out when emergency strikes-those times when a baby quilt has to be produced overnight(well! almost overnight) and there is no time to make a pieced quilt. The print is bright and beautiful so no point cutting into it, unless its a fuzzy cut pattern and keeps the vehicles intact.

Indian Fabric

I ordered this from Prabha Mathew from Quiltaholics on Facebook. I am always happy with her professional packaging and timely service.

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I participated in a recent local swap and gathered these as per my partner’s choice of colour. They look lovely together. Sent some in the swap as extras and used the rest in the mini Quilt.

Hoping my partner likes the loot and the project.

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Recently, I took part in a local swap. Let me, on the onset, say that I love swaps and especially, the mini quilt variety. I have a whole cupboard full of swap minis stacked up somewhere in the house…ok! ok! exaggeration alert…But I definitely have at least a drawer full of minis, all too precious to be ever used!

HST Polka Dot mini

This one came out of the blue…literally! partner wanted a combination of orange-green and blue and the swap was of HST(which I love) and polka dots(which I love as well) but not together…So what started as an easy mini quilt swap, when I got to making it, became a nightmare of sorts. To put in all the items together and decide a design, that would do justice to the various elements was no mean task.

HST Polka Dot mini

Am happy with the final outcome. The quilt top ended up looking like our National Flag, which was great but not the intended end result, so thats where I decided on adding the FMQ in blue with a blue binding…so all elements in, blended harmoniously and a cushion cover and Fat quarter of fabric to go with the mini.

HST Polka Dot mini

Quilt name: TAC HST polka Dot mini Quilt
Thread: 2810 Aurifil 28 weight for FMQ
FMQ: Alternating single and double swirls
Machine: bernina 550QE
Fabric: Indian local
Binding:2.5″ double, although I think 2.2.5 would have been tighter and better
Quilt Size:

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As the second half of the year begins, I gather some solids to make a Riley Blake pixelated rose. It will be a slow long project and has been on my agenda for a while. I was just waiting for an opportune time to take it up. Mid-year seems to be just the time, given one has half the year to go by and continuous Monsoon rain to keep one at home 🙂

Sunday Stash

Looking forward to starting this and then take it to completion. Have no intention of adding to my pile of WIPs. With house interiors getting done in a big way, I may not be able to finish this by July end…but totally worth a try!

We do not get designer fabrics in India so teh solids are just locally sourced, but that never dampened my enthusiasm…raring to go !

Fabric source: Kausalya Pandit

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Some fabric bought by Shruti, from her recent trip to Baroda.

A metre each of dinosaur fabric, elephants and boats. These are all black and white with varying amount of black in each. No idea what to do with them but dinosaur fabric could become a bag or eye mask for the little one who is a dinosaur fan. Maybe a passport wallet with the other two.

Indian fabric

Molli is taking a break from Sunday Stash, so this one is just my own Sunday flag with no linking 😦

I went for a meet with local Quilty folks and the host explained how she cuts up her scraps into manageable pieces and keeps before she moves on to the next project. While I could never maintain the discipline, I got the idea of making basic 9 patches from it with a white centre.

My scrap bag was bursting from the seams and this seemed a pretty good idea…

9 patch block

I started making them two a day making sure to have variety in each 9 patch block. If I encountered a slightly larger piece of fabric, then I would cut up a few more squares and keep for future blocks. Each time variety became a challenge, I just ironed and cut a few more from the scrap bag. And so it went for about 2 weeks untilI had a neat pile of about 25 blocks.

This is a perfectly aimless project when I can just make two blocks a day to either get back my sewing mojo or fit a little schedule before I dash out to my day job in the morning and stack them away. No idea of converting it into a quilt as of now.

9 patch block

Adding a few solids to the stash …these are about a metre each.

Sunday Stash 21

and a secret project underway. If its a success, will put it up here in a while 🙂

My ‘Sunday Stash’ posts work as markers for self, I get to see on my blog how much work has been completed(more like how many new WIPs started) between the last ‘Sunday Stash’ and this. Sometimes, its just a realization that I have sewn items or tried out new things but just forgot to post them here on the blog. These then become delayed posts and crop up here and there…
then life continues again amidst all the anarchy 🙂

This is one such post where the fabric was bought a while back but I couldn’t post it prior. Love the blue-magenta combination. In India magenta is called ‘rani colour’ or the colour of the Queen, and, rightly so…super rich and awesome.

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