This has been a super quick finish…
Technically its just the pieced top that is completed but I am happy none the less :)

The Top is 82″ X 102″
That’s big enough to cover a king size bed and have a slight fall on the sides.

It took me a Sunday(one full Sunday of no cooking, cleaning and eating out and only sewing ) along with two quick sessions on weekday mornings(Monday and Tuesday) to cut the jelly roll strips and sew together the Rainbow quilt top. This has boosted up my confidence in taking up and tackling large projects. It started off when my friend, Kausalya, helping me put together an assorted bundle of dots in 8.5″…100 pieces in all in 8 colours…the 7 VIBGYOR colours with black.

Winding Rainbow

Then came the thought of how to put together the quilt top. I had seen ‘falling charms’ while making my prior blue project at the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I thought it would be a good idea to try a modified version with larger blocks. As the sashing continues to be at 2.5″, the pre-cuts are at 8.5″ and hence the entire look of the quilt top is very different. The staggered rainbow looks bright and beautiful ….very spring and summery!

The moment she saw a snap of the quilt top, she said she would have named it the ‘Winding Rainbow’! I took the clue and named it such :)

Now to some backing and quilting before gifting it away!!

The India Quilt Guild on facebook had a mini quilt competition and the theme was ‘traditional’. I wanted to make something using Indian traditional fabric from Eastern and Western India.

The cycle of life

From the west, I chose a white fabric that has black warli print on it. Warli is a tribal artfrm from Maharastra. From the East, I chose 2 Sambalpuri fabric from Orissa in Earth Brown and Black with the same print. Since the fabric is woven using mercerised yarn it wouldn’t hold ironing. I had a tough time making it lie flat and even.


The pattern of the mini quilt if Januaryblock from Lady Harvantine. Its the first pattern I have bought online and absolutely loved it. Plan to make at least one more quilt from it, but will definitely use a fabric that holds shape more conveniently.



I see that my binding has improved significantly from the earlier versions. Practice makes perfect :)

Tips and Learning: While curve piecing, pins are ones best friend. Also, when working on a large curve as you are sewing on the bias, it makes more sense to start at the centre and go all the way to one end, then start from the centre again on the other side and sew towards the other end.

What the kid learnt: He learnt about circles and rings and curves. he isn’t old enough to know segments or area or perimeter but was glad to see the secondary rings falling into place.

My second attempt in my own Library Project would be a portrait quilt from the Ebook ABOUT face by Shruti Dandekar.I have been wanting to make a quilt from the book since it was first published .

I am yet to decide whose Portrait to try first :)


Linking it to A Lovely year of finishes!
A Lovely Year of Finishes

A collection of 7 fabrics in Black and white(the one on top left and bottom right are the same). Each of them is a little more than a fat quarter and I plan to make some lovely Zebras and elephants which Lorna has posted in her Blog, along with the tutes.


HD went to Chennai and brought home some amazing quilting fabric.

The condition: to make a quilt for his friend’s cute ‘lil 3 year old daughter, Akshaya. What a deal ha ha…like I ever said no to making quilts!!

That’s a perfect win-win situation :)

image image

Lucknow is the chikankari capital of India and I have been wanting to visit the city for a very long time.Family moving to Lucknow just gave me the right opportunity to pay the seat of nawabs a visit.So last Saturday, the kid and I set off on a journey to discover nawabi culture and tehjeeb. We boarded the flight from mumbai and en-route ordered all that there was in the menu to order, and then, some more…People around must have thought it was our first interaction with airline food, but then people don’t know the amount of kiddie fun that mom and kiddo can have on a flight.

cherry tree
Welcomed by the local cherry tree…ha ha nah! just lovely flowers in the backyard.

Once in Lucknow, we just spent time lazying around, playing, chatting with mom and sis and enjoying the hospitality. On the first day didi(elder sister) took us to Dastarkhwan for dinner, a Lonely Planet suggestion and a restaurant of repute in the city. The little munchkin never stopped mentioning it all through the trip(and later)…and wanted to go there for dinner everyday. Now, what can make a mom happier than a place where the kid enjoys the food( kebabs and roomali roti included), is taken care of(so I get some leisure time) and is pampered by his grandmom. So we went to Dastarkhwan as often as possible (read that as’Everyday’ :) ), with a trip to Ameenabad and Tundey Kebab as well.


Tundey Kababi

The crew at Tundey kabab when asked to click a snap was more comfortable with the advanced iphones than we were:)
India going digital!

But it was not just a food trail, we discovered nawabi culture at the Bara and Chota Imambara, the Bhool Bhulaiya(labyrinth), the remnants at Residency-a living tale of The Revolt of 1857, the chowk where traditional chikankari workers hand embroider and sell their wares and other places…That, of which we had read in school books came alive. Some pictures below:

Bara imambara and the walls of the labyrinth



Chota Imambara

Chota Imambara

I loved the Hazratganj area and the way all shops are standardized in black and white. The eye keeps searching for familiar colours in the logos one is so used to—say the banks or retail stores and multiple shopping options for the wonderful chikankari.

Banks with standardized B&W Logo

Banks with standardized B&W Logo

No holiday is complete without some fabric shopping and quilt inspiration. Got some fabric from ccccccccc, hand embroideery inspiration from this beautiful bedspread and hand quilted kasuthi quilt on a fence somewhere in Lucknow.

Makhan lal Ganeriwal

Makhan lal Ganeriwal

Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery

hand quilting

hand quilting

Two yards of blue printed cotton and half a yard of colourful Indian fabric from Lucknow. Yet to decide on how/where to use it.

Indian cottons from Lucknow

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