Starburst Baby Quilt

And lo and behold, the starbust Quilt is completed . Its the first time that a gift quilt is ready and the 'lil one is not.Aha! I know, you are thinking I actually got the quilt completed before the baby was born but No No, the little one is traveling and will be back in... Continue Reading →


Giant Starburst baby quilt

For November, am just trying to make a big Starburst quilt and sew up some of my Indian fabric during the month. This is a baby quilt for a little angel born to my neighbour. With winter round the corner, hope she cuddles and snuggles under it and uses it until its torn and gone... Continue Reading →

Double sided baby quilt

Early this month I need to make a quick quilt for a one year old. While there will be no time to really, cut-piece and quilt a patchwork quilt, I decided to make my first double sided baby quilt. Am choosing to work with two Hello Kitty prints I have been hoarding for a couple... Continue Reading →

September Quilt

My sis always wanted a Mondrian Quilt. This month she is scheduled to drop by and I was hoping I could and complete one for her to take along when she returns. Here is a pic that i will use as inspiration to design the quilt. and here is her picture, one I picked in... Continue Reading →

Charm Square quilt

This quilt started in December last year. The Quilt top was done as part of a pair, where I wanted to test how Indian fabric squares behaved as against designer charm square packs from the United States. Post that, the two quilt tops languished in my the WIP file for 6 mnths until I brought... Continue Reading →

Portrait Quilt for Koko Auntie

Last year, I made a portrait quilt for my mom and had always hoped to make a similar one for my aunt. They had clicked similar pictures a couple of years apart and it is just apt that both be converted into wall portrait quilts. This photograph is similar to that of my mom and... Continue Reading →

Modern X in the Making

Here is June; that last month before you hit mid-year and time to rush towards the finishing line. Oh! I am far off from there and given the hectic life I am leading currently, this may take a little time to settle and get to a regular rhythm. But why should that stop me from... Continue Reading →

Tulip Tote

After making the Totally tulip quilt, I was urging to make some more tulips! You are right, those tulips are totally addictive... So I just went ahead and made 4 of them. Suddenly I thought that I could urn them into off went two of them back to the sewing machine, some extra whites... Continue Reading →

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