September Quilt

My sis always wanted a Mondrian Quilt. This month she is scheduled to drop by and I was hoping I could and complete one for her to take along when she returns. Here is a pic that i will use as inspiration to design the quilt. and here is her picture, one I picked in... Continue Reading →


Charm Square quilt

This quilt started in December last year. The Quilt top was done as part of a pair, where I wanted to test how Indian fabric squares behaved as against designer charm square packs from the United States. Post that, the two quilt tops languished in my the WIP file for 6 mnths until I brought... Continue Reading →

Portrait Quilt for Koko Auntie

Last year, I made a portrait quilt for my mom and had always hoped to make a similar one for my aunt. They had clicked similar pictures a couple of years apart and it is just apt that both be converted into wall portrait quilts. This photograph is similar to that of my mom and... Continue Reading →

Modern X in the Making

Here is June; that last month before you hit mid-year and time to rush towards the finishing line. Oh! I am far off from there and given the hectic life I am leading currently, this may take a little time to settle and get to a regular rhythm. But why should that stop me from... Continue Reading →

Tulip Tote

After making the Totally tulip quilt, I was urging to make some more tulips! You are right, those tulips are totally addictive... So I just went ahead and made 4 of them. Suddenly I thought that I could urn them into off went two of them back to the sewing machine, some extra whites... Continue Reading →

Quilt Meet at Home

A quilt meet is a lot of fun with a hell of of work...starting from deciding on the date as per everyone's convenience to coordinating the time, sending the accurate address/location/landmark, guiding people through, minding the food, the manners , the boys in the house(whether they should be there or not)...just about everything needs planning.... Continue Reading →

Totally Tulips

What a Beautiful day...woke up to see my Tulip Quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt Company Instagram page πŸ™‚ All the extra effort was so worth it πŸ™‚ Also worth mentioning here are two things: 1. That I did a lot of organised and planned sewing as a result of which, a Quilt targeted for... Continue Reading →

Totally tulips

Totally Tulips is a quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company is one that I have wanted to try since a long time. Totally love the colours and vibrant nature of the quilt. Trying one for April and hoping I finish the quilt top by then. The pre cut layer cake from kaualya of which I... Continue Reading →

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