My first project for 2018 has to be, just has to be completing this baby quilt I started when my friend had a baby girl. Life happened and I was not able to complete it in 2017. The top was done a while back and has been sitting in my WIP cupboard waiting to get quilted. The backing fabric has been bought and New Year resolutions have been made!

So lets hit the road running…
Lets get the quilting going!

Modern Triangle quilt

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Year 2018

As I embark on a new journey, a New Year, I stop by to take stock of what I have accomplished in 2017 and what new things I should look forward to and plan in 2018.

Year ending, rather, Year beginning is a strange time when one says goodbye to the bygone year and heralds a New Year full of surprises, excitement and good cheer!

I like making resolutions and checking back on hits and misses of the previous year so I know the base from where I begin my New Year. Every year, Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl prepares a platform for people to tag into a Linky party all can join other like minded folks to motivate each other to accomplish more on the Quilting front.

A note on the year gone by!
What were my 2017 goals…

1.Start Bullet journaling: I have been watching people make their bullet journals and its time for me to take the plunge
–Started-stopped-started again. Basically, maintained it intermittently through the year. What did I learn about myself? I love making ‘To do’ Lists but basic ones, not too fancy…one that solves the purpose without having to learn a new language ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having said that, I love admiring the beautiful work that everyone does! Am just not cut out for that as of now.
2. Complete one quilting item a month: say a quilt top or quilting a pre-completed top or the likes. Hence, a numerical target of completing at least 6 quilts through the year.
–Completed lots of projects until the house renovation started and that is when my blogging and Quilting had to take a back seat , for obvious reasons. I just did not have access to the devises to either work or note.
3. Over the years I have collected quilting journals and books. 2017 would be the year to start using them. What good are they just sitting on the shelf!
–Would be a YES-NO, except the Tula Pink 100 blocks quilt top from the book by the same name.. Carrying forward this goal to 2018.
4. Sew at least one item for myself; maybe just a small pouch or bag or something but one item for sure that I can sew and use #selfishsewing
A big YES, made a silk infinity scarf that I totally love ๐Ÿ™‚
5. I will continue my habit of #sewsomethingeveryday . A lot gets done by just maintaining a disciplined approach.
Again a YES, as some friends have also joined the bandwagon. I haven’t done it on all 365 days of the year, but enough to start my small movement.
6. Focus on getting more fit and healthy. This one stays in the list across the years.
Absolute YES! Completed my first 10km marathon in 1hr17mins yeah!yeah!
7. Make some crochet projectsโ€ฆmaybe some tatting as wellโ€ฆsome needle work and the likes.
Some needlework-handsewing hexies if that counts.
8. Learn at least one new skill related to the hobby.
Learnt making Bargello Quilts–an Autmn coloured Quilt in mid December! A season late ๐Ÿ™‚
9. Participate in at least one collaborative project
Swaps swaps and more swaps
10. Try to publish a pattern
Tried -Yes
Hope the next year is better!
11. Submit at least one article/quilt work to a magazine.
YES-proposed! So the basic hurdle of inhibition has been overcome.
12. Write a few tutorials on the blog.
Few done…lot more to go.

So 2017 had its fair share of hits and misses.However, my total la la moment was the 3 days of Quiltcon- Quilt heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

2018 goals for Self:

1. Make more bags- pouches, overnight-er, tote …any of it. But at least one a month-12 in the year.
2. Attempt sewing at least 2 patterns from the lot that I have bought/got in the past.
3. Use the magazines/Quilt books to ensure that they don’t just lie there and gather dust.
4. Make at least one selfish sewing item-something for the self, anytime during the year.
5. Do more needlework-crochet, Cross stitch, knitting…something at least.
6. Start to sell to ensure its a self sustaining hobby- 6 item through a span of the year would be great. One would be a start!Need to make the hobby self sustainable so I can buy more international fabric and pay for the postage ๐Ÿ˜‰
7. Write to magazines for publication and/or publish a pattern. Try to get blog sponsorship.
8. Make one quilting item a month- a quilt top, quilting an already completed top, quilted table runner, mini quilt…any one. So 6 completed items by year end.
9. Attend at least one Quilt meet.
10. Focus on continuing with the running habit-Eat Healthy and Think Healthy
11. Have a disciplined, planned approach towards social media(Blog, IG, Pinterest, FB etc…)
12. Continue with 15 mins of #sewsomethingeveryday

12 items for 12 months of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

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Recently I had an urge to make a charm square quilt. I was getting back to quilting after what seemed like ages and wanted to start from scratch. ’tis a totally different thing that I have never actually made a charm square quilt…so it wasn’t getting back or starting from scratch ๐Ÿ™‚ It was learning some new, at a beginner level, all over again!

And, whats better than one quilt? it indeed, is TWO ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently, I had chanced upon this free pattern and decided to made two of them similar in all respects…except that, one is made from Indian local fabric, self cut and sewn. The other is a pre cut charm square pack from Windham fabrics brought home from Quiltcon 2017.

Charm Square quilt top

Am happy with the outcome and Planning to complete and gift one to my little nephew-Piyush. He is the newest member in the family and his first New Year is right around the corner. Hoping this will be quilted and complete my then.
A couple of weekends to go ๐Ÿ™‚

Some more yardage for quilt backing…this one is especially broad and is about 3 metres long. So even after being used for a baby quilt I will have enough left for a pouch or a side sling ๐Ÿ™‚

2017 Sunday Stash 35

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Yardage for quilt backing…

I am slowly starting to pick up prints for my quilt backing. While I like printed quilt backs and envied my Quilty friends make a few, I have never been able to muster the courage to make one myself! I would rather just stick to a plain white or some other solid.

But heres a Thumbs Up to stepping out of my comfort zone ๐Ÿ™‚ I picked up this fabric, a white background with small pink flowers to back a pink triangle quilt.

Sunday Stash

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Here are two yards of fabric that my hubby brought back from Chennai a long time back. While one is a map print poplin cotton (with lettering in an East Asian language), the other one is kind of a holiday print canvas that reminds me of a rainforest.

Sunday Stash

Think it time to make my passport wallet and take a trip to an East Asian country.

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This is my second applique quilt and the first with animals in them. This story started with my friend asking me last month to make her a toddler sized animal quilt. My first thought was to make it with animal panels, but one doesnt find them locally. So I had to think up an appliqued one. After browsing through Pinterest for days and yet not being able to locate one which was easy for an applique beginner, I decided to draw the animals myself.

Applique Quilt

I started looking at pictures from everywhere, especially from my little one’s colouring books and started drawing them with pencil and eraser after taping together A4 printer sheets from the home printer to make larger sheets.

A giraffe was the first to come by and then a monkey!

Soon followed by a lion, a crocodile and an elephant! The elephant is the only one that is in a non green background owing to the fact that the quilt was looking tooo green, much like a rain-forest. It just called out for a little pop of the sky ๐Ÿ™‚
Maybe just the color…

These are cut from paper interfacing, ironed onto fabric and cut from yardage keeping about 0.25″ extra along the borders. Here I had to be extra careful with the bodies of the animals as the process actually takes mirror images of all the forms and shapes.

Next started the arduous task of turning them back and hand sewing each part. Followed by machine sewing the applique on the quilt top.

And many nights later, the quilt top was ready. The quilting per se was easy to come by. I made a leaf-flower quilting design on the borders and base with different colours and designs for the bodies of the animals. The quilt looks better than I expected and I have got good reviews from quilty friends and family on this one.

Seems so worth it. Here it is in the kid’s play area ๐Ÿ™‚

Name: Animal Applique Quilt
Method: needle turn applique
FMQ:flower and leaf motif on the border and various others on the animal bodies
Thread: Calypso in neon and dark green
Size: 60″ X 40″

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