This isn’t about buying new fabric. However, its adding to the stash none the less.

I had some long strips of varying width and length so I just collected all such random strips and trimmed them into one inch strips. They were in various colours so I sorted them into 3 wide categories…






and other dots..


Iron it in half lengthwise to form a longitudinal crease along the length of the fabric.
To make a continuous tape, join them at right angles to ensure they don’t bulk at the join…


Roll and store for future use…


I have been quilting for a while but I had never tried flying geese blocks…was always intimidated by the thought of them.

Alison Glass Flying Geese

Alison Glass Flying Geese

When the idea of making a mini quilt came up,the Alison Glass mini quilt swap on Instagram I decided to give it a try with the lovely Alison Glass fabric. The hand embroidered centre is flanked by flying geese on all sides.

Alison Glass hand embroidery

Alison Glass hand embroidery

And here is the finished mini!

Alison Glass mini quilt

Alison Glass mini quilt

My partner would love some goodies so I posted her some Indian Fabric and border, a frixion pen with zippers and a pouch along with the mini.

Alison Glass mini quilt swap

Alison Glass mini quilt swap

This trip to the fabric shop had just some ‘sanity check for the cupboard’ kind of fabric buying! No prints, just some regular solids in White and Turquoise and some regular thread that one buys for the sake of buying(I love that kind of fabric shopping ha ha ha) not knowing where to use them…

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

So addition to the stash consists of 10m of white to be used as backing fabric on quilts, a metre of turquoise to participate in the #bellaparade giveaway that my friend Shruti is organizing, some new neon machine threads and machine needles to try.

I must tell you that she is organizing and amazing giveaway which will run daily for over a month with huge giveaways…truckloads of Bella solids and Aurifil with some daily excitement to boost!! Go try for yourself and tell me if it doesn’t excite you :)

Quilt Size: 90″X110″
Fabric : Indian Rajasthani

Made this lovely large quilt over the weekend. The top is a simple design with a long centre strip of 42″ width, lined with 2 solid blue strips of 6″ wide and then flanked with again a small print of 42″ width cut lengthwise into two parts and joined on either side. Adjusted and trimmed to 90″. The length was 110″. The quilt top came together rather quickly, one morning the fabric was cut and the subsequent morning the top was stiched. The back however, wasn’t as easy to put together. The top band was in printed fabric(half and half) while the lower part was Blue solid. Indian solids are 36″ wide so by the time you remove the selvage and join it to make a quilt back, you get to 36″. So a bit of school arithmetic was put to use before I had a quilt back to match the top.

Peeping out of Ocean Blue

The real challenge however was to quilt a quilt this big in a small home sewing machine. I tried thread basting partially and pin basting for the rest. Later, completed the quilting with straight line quilting. And all through the two days that took me to complete the quilting and binding, I just kept thinking how large the quilt was.

When completed, I took a sigh of relief. And smiled to myself. This is the first time that I have finished such a large quilt. Small baby steps towards my goal of becoming an accomplished quilter :) Just that, this step wasn’t a small one by any stretch of my imagination…ha ha ha

I would say, the binding of the quilt was my greatest achievement.I got some good reviews from my quilting friends on this aspect. My earlier quilts have sometimes turned wavy or have pleats on account of inappropriate binding.So little note here on what I did to overcome my lacunae.

Ocean Blue Spread


I took 2.5″ width of binding fabric in solid blue and cut it in strips that were as long as my fabric permitted. Then I took each strip, folded it in half lengthwise and ironed it to get a strip 1.25″ wide and as long as the fabric.Each additional length of 2.5″ strip was joined to the earlier one at right angles with right sides together so that the seam join doesn’t bulk up when the binding is spread out. I kept joining strips until I reached a length that cover the perimeter of the quilt, and then some more.

Perimeter= 2X(length+breadth)
Perimeter of Ocean Blue= 2X(110+90)=400″


So my binding strip was a little more than 400″, around 415″ would suffice for the mitered corners! Since I was machine binding the quilt, I joined my binding on the wrong side of the fabric aligning the open edges of the binding strip and the quilt. I sewed around with a .25″ seam allowance. Once the entire perimeter was done, I turned it over on the right side and held it down with pins to ensure it doesn’t stretch. Finally I sewed the top with a decorative strict in a contrast thread. If I had used a straight stitch, then I would have used a thread matching the binding fabric.

Hope the binding details are useful. Please drop me a line of you

This Sunday brought along some batting for me. I went to the amazing shop at Bandra called The Hab

I had actually taken the little one for a fun lunch outside and on our way back, we stopped at The Hab. What an amazing place to be. Wish I could spend some more time and look through the lovely collection of books there. Maybe some other time!

I got this batting(wow! it holds shape!) which comes in in 1meter cuts, just apt to make bags and pouches…
Get ready to see tonnes of pouches from tomorrow!

Batting for pouches

Batting for pouches

I also got a fat quarter of floral fabric!
Not very much like my choice, but would look lovely with some matching colourful zippers in pouches!!

Floral Fat Quarter

Floral Fat Quarter

Tagging it to Sunday Stash at Molli Sparkles!

I bought these lovely fabrics on Saturday! So bright and cheerful…

But then they are not for me. I am not hoarding any more fabric until I finish a couple of projects. The dots are for a friend’s birthday! Love them…takes a lot of effort to let go of fabric greed …ha ha ha

Sunday Stash

This weekend I had the rare opportunity to go shopping with some lovely quilting friends.

I bought some bright neons.The fabric is nice and thick…apt for bags or pouches.

Bright neons

Bought some baby prints which I plan to sash and convert into quick baby quilts. Too many lovely babies have been born to friends and family this month and I am lagging behind in gifting them with snuggly quilts. Although its summer here, babies always need quilts while sleeping in air conditioned rooms :)


And then some smart prints…not sure what I will convert them into…but some modern piecing and newly learnt FMQ does seem like a viable option now :)


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