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The first tote from the tutorial is here! Maybe I would like it to be a ‘lil more stiff in the next one, so the interfacing would need to change. But overall, am happy with how this turned out…


It was for a friend’s birthday and it has been delivered to her :)

Fabric used: orange solid for the lower half and local warli printed fabric for the Interfacing used is locally termed as dhoti canvas.

If you ask me,”Does it really take ten mins?”
I would sit back, relax and say “Yes, it does!” And its ready in no time :)

photo 8

I made the ‘lil one time it while I pinned and sewed. So I know :)

    What you need:

Fabric for cushion cover 16.5″ X 36″
fabric marker
Measuring tape
Pillow form/cushion


    1. Take your cushion and check its size. Mine was 16X16 inches and that’s the size I will go with for the covers. It would fit snugly.

    photo 1

    photo 2

    Cut the fabric 16.5″ X 36″. You can tweak it according to the size of your cushion. This is how you calculate. The height of the cushion + 0.5″ as you will sew on top and bottom with 1/4th inch seam.
    The length of the fabric needs to cover the front and back of the cushion(16″X2=32″) and then double broad fold on each side(another 2.5″). Rest would be the overlap.

    2. Ford the fabric in half. Mark the center and pin at 8″ on either side. This will be 16″ wide and form the front of your cushion/pillow. It will work as a guide for you while folding and sewing.

    photo 3

    photo 5

    3. Pin and fold the shorter sides of the fabric inside, as shown in the picture below.

    photo 6

    4. When you fold the fabric inwards (like a C tissue fold), you will see that it overlaps. This is fine. As the pillow is puffed up, this will prevent the rear of the inner pillow form revealing itself.

    photo 4

    5. Now turn it inside out and sew the top and bottom of the cushion.

    photo 7

    6. Turn out and iron.

This quilt top is modeled after the Mod Chevron baby Quilt by Rashida Coleman Hale. Keeping to the tradition of adding a little ‘me’ into everything I do, the quilt top has been made using a layer cake of 10×10″ pieces. So each quilt block is achieved by joining the HSTs and measures around 9.5″ square.

The quilt is composed of 6×8 quilt blocks and would measure around 60×80 when completed.

What is really cool about the quilt top is that it uses fabric from my stash :) Not a single piece is bought from the store and I am really really happy about it.


Here the quilt top lies on my balcony railing. With the rain clouds on the horizon, its impossible to get a bright snap outside.

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Last month I tried a chevron quit for the first time. Yes, You read it right…first time !!
It turned out fine and all the points quite matched up…

I have now renewed energy to make another one, slightly differently laid HSTs, but then a chevron quilt once again:) Its based on the free tutorial by Rashida Coleman Hale’s Mod Chevron baby quilt, but as always, I have to add a little bit of _me_ in the quilt. I am using a layer cake and assorted fabric from my stash:)


here is the set of layer cake and a coloured diagram of the quilt I intend to make…some triangles look smudgy as my little one coloured them in variegated crayons! That’s life with a little one at home who is enjoying his summer vacation with mom’s idea book and crayons :)

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As the colourful festival of Holi goes by and the festivities, myraid colors, partying and good food comes to an end, one feels nostalgic and the need to hold on to the festival cheer takes center-stage.

In the same spirit I drew up my own pattern for a coin purse with the help of a tea saucer and picked up some vibrant multicolored fabric to suit the mood.

coin purse 1

The coin purse is complete and sits at my desk, ready to go to its destination. Its a gift for a friend.

coin purse 2

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Sew Fresh Quilts

This quilt top, first in a series of large quilts(anything larger than a baby quilt is a milestone for me) almost broke my back completing. But I am glad its done…

Mosaic quilt

Now, for the quilting. I am wondering, if I should just hand quilt it!
I have a small standard home sewing machine and a quilt the size of my double bed may not fit into it.

I have a few excess blocks left from the quilt. Hope I am able to make a pair of cushion covers to go with the quilt :)

Mosaic quilt 2

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’d rather call it a quick finish and glad that it didn’t join my list of WIPs.

Of late, I have been completely engrossed in the granny square afghan as I set myself a personal target of 20 blocks a week. This week, we had a mid week holiday and as I finished my day’s quota of blocks early in the morning, I set out to do something different. Granny square afghan is the first large project that I am undertaking in crochet and every large project deserves a dedicated project bag, in which, I can stow away as another WIP.

Just joking…I have every intention of completing it on schedule before the winter chill wanes off.


Now about the bag:
I wanted the bag dedicated to the project so the colour combination needed to match. After a little deliberation, I realized that for 5 bright colours to be sewn in, it had to either be a rainbow or a peacock. A quick free hand peacock diagram translated into 5 colourful peacocks in running stitch and lazy dazy.


After the hand embroidery, I took 4 pieces of 12X15 inches: 2 top cloth and 2 lining fabric choosing a lovely shot cotton for the top and a green fabric with stripes for the lining…finally sewing it into a simple tote with a 1.5inch base.


A twist in the tale :) , the handles are half and half. One half is green and the other is in green stripes of the total 20inch handle.

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