Pink Triangle Quilt : Finally Freaking Finished

So my long pending triangle quilt is finally finished. Ironically, I loved the project, but after the quilt top was finishedearly lat year, my house went into renovation mode and towards the last month of the year, my quilting mojo bid me a bye bye! Not that the dawn of the year, changed things drastically.... Continue Reading →


Sunday Stash 2018 #10

These wonderful solids are from my friend Kausalya and Charu. My solid stash has been dwindling of late and the wonderful duo took note, and decided to replenish the stock. What better quilting friends can you possibly wish for! Am totally over the moon:) Just taking stock of the incoming fabric and sewing at the... Continue Reading →

Time to finish my Dizzy Daisy

I have been linking up to Elm Street's One Monthly Goal for 2 months now in 2018. But both Jan and Feb have been disappointment of sorts. The projects didn't get completed on time for teh month end link up. I got the Jan one finished in Feb, but going by that trend the quilts... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash

Last week I went to Nagpur and bought some fabric there.Since it was a trip to a wedding ceremony and too of a Quilting friend, good food, good fun, friends and returning home with a suitcase full of fabric was rather expected. Saw this lovely chevron in baby pink and I just couldn't resist it... Continue Reading →

One Monthly Goal-Feb 2018

The little one at home has turned into a Pokemon fan and when he said he wanted a Pickachu quilt, I had no clue where to start and what to do. First and foremost, I searched up on Google, like everybody does when they face a problem...and then head over to Pinterest. While I did... Continue Reading →

One Monthly Goal-Jan 2018

My first project for 2018 has to be, just has to be completing this baby quilt I started when my friend had a baby girl. Life happened and I was not able to complete it in 2017. The top was done a while back and has been sitting in my WIP cupboard waiting to get... Continue Reading →

Pinterest 15K followers

What a wonderful way to close the year 2017! My Pinterest profile has reached a 15K follower list so glad and thankful to all my followers! Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful New Year ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

December 2017

As I embark on a new journey, a New Year, I stop by to take stock of what I have accomplished in 2017 and what new things I should look forward to and plan in 2018. Year ending, rather, Year beginning is a strange time when one says goodbye to the bygone year and heralds... Continue Reading →

Same Same but different

Recently I had an urge to make a charm square quilt. I was getting back to quilting after what seemed like ages and wanted to start from scratch. 'tis a totally different thing that I have never actually made a charm square it wasn't getting back or starting from scratch ๐Ÿ™‚ It was learning... Continue Reading →

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