Now a different setting for the next 10 blocks…a white background!

I am not known for my patience but I am thoroughly enjoying the slow and measured pace of the project !


Right at the time of its scheduled completion, I will be traveling so lets see how it goes🙂
keeping my fingers crossed…hoping the ombre’ quilt turns out fine!

I discovered a new fabric shop called Fabriclore and as they had a recent sale I picked up a couple of metres of fabric from them.

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

I love all kinds of Chevron so the black one was a must buy and then came the Indigo with a new denim wash finish, which I must is very much in the news nowadays.

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The quilt blocks have been progressing well and I have been posting one on Instagram as per schedule everyday. Its good fun and exciting at the same time. Given that one has to maintain a schedule, ensure the blocks are completed and posted on time, brings in a bit of Quilty discipline which is otherwise missing in my life.

I am eager to get the quilt finished and see how it turns out!
10 blocks done beyond the halfway mark🙂


All the blue fabric seems to come alive now…

This weekend marks a rather functional kind of acquiring…

First thing on the list is a self healing mat. The earlier one was so old it wouldn’t heal. Next in line is some yardage of plain white. The white is primarily aimed at completing a chevron quilt which is stuck since the last couple of months due to lack of white yardage!

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

To add some colour, I also ordered some bright butterfly fabric from The Material Girls on facebook.

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The festive season is soon approaching and I decided on making a few kiddie pencil pouches. Do let me know if you need a tutorial/Free pattern for this to make a few for your loved ones this festive season, please let me know. I could post a tutorial:)
Besides being easy, fast and kid friendly, they look absolutely adorable!

While I was at it, I made 11 of them. what I really like about these is that they hold shape perfectly well! Am quite pleased with the output given I attempted them for the first time…

Kiddie Pencil Pouch

Kiddie Pencil Pouch

It all started with my little one wanting a pencil pouch to take to school in shark fabric. Thankfully I found this bunch of real happy sharks🙂


These colourful cats came next🙂


Some organic cotton I had bought some Chennai long back made this real cute pencil pouch…


Then came this one in birch fabric I have been saving for far too long !

Kiddie Pencil pouch

Kiddie Pencil pouch

Popoye and his strength from spinach is a must have for every kid🙂


Then came the two little girl pouches…one with the girl on a swing.


Then one with the pink Hello kitty !


This is a local print, however it is absolute quilt grade…Maybe a little synthetic and not full cotton but one can manage to sew pouches with it for sure.

Zippered pencil pouch

Zippered pencil pouch

I had earlier made a pouch for my little fuzzy cutting the fire brigade from this as they were learning about the fire station and ‘helpers’ in school. Even without fuzzy cutting, his fabric is so adorable!


This would be my favourite in the lot! I love skateboards and surf boards…hoping to learn some day🙂

Kiddie zippered pouch

Kiddie zippered pouch

And last but not the least is this stylish Vespa fabric pouch.

Festival sewing is in full swing🙂

This week’s Sunday Stash consists of two half yard pieces.

While both are local Indian fabric, I love the one on top which has a European feel about it with castles in muted pastels.

Sunday Stash -Indian Fabric

Sunday Stash -Indian Fabric

The second one with triangles was bought purely to be inspired to make a triangle quilt. October then, is purely dedicated to triangles🙂

On that note, I have also re-purposed an old board with a white laminate to form a base for some of my pictures, primarily small objects…yet to figure out a solution for quilts! For now, the sofa has to suffice for them🙂

Both these fabrics are from ‘The Material Girls’ on Facebook!

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This set of 10 blocks was a rather late-night kind of set; 6 out of 10 were sewn after the work day was over. With the online community showering as much love and affection as they did in the earlier blocks, this set also got completed as per schedule with a sew and post each day!

Tula Pink

Tula Pink

Half the journey is over. 50 blocks completed! Now for the next 50…

This is my first sampler quilt and it feels great to be moving ahead steadily as per schedule.