As a result of Zipper greed…four dozens came home🙂
So, buyers remorse? Nah! whats that now…

Coloured Zippers

Coloured Zippers

On second thought, it had been a while since I last visited the local zipper store, so lets just say, I felt obligated to buy🙂

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Some pouch mania again…in assorted fabric!

Assorted Zippered Pouches

Assorted Zippered Pouches

When I am in a sewing slump, I just sew a batch of zippered pouches to get my sewing mojo back! They are quick and easy and come together in no time🙂

The colour options and variations are immense…

Assorted Zippered Pouches

Assorted Zippered Pouches

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Hubby’s friend had a baby daughter recently! Reason enough for me to make a quilt🙂

This is a simple quilt top using charm squares. While I was at it, I made a matching cushion cover to go with it as well.While this to be posted to their city of residence, am really eager that the quilt and cushion cover reach them at the earliest and I get to see how the little one looks all wrapped in the pink quilt with the cushion somewhere thrown in the background.

English Rose

English Rose

Nothing like watching a child use your creation🙂


Here, I have stitched the sides before quilting, much like basting the sides so it doesn’t move during quilting o binding! A little tip but helped a lot…


Nothing like watching a quilt loved, used and washed and re-used over the years…

Love the English rose feel of the quilt. It came together rather fast with just the charms and sashing to sew. I didn’t want to add a broad border that would take away or clash with the overall quilt design.

Hence the binding is a very thin 1″ binding. Am glad the way it turned out, fit, tight and prim. Was a great effort around the corners, but it was totally worth the effort.

Quilt Name: English Rose
Quilt Size: 40″ X 40″
Fabric: local Indian
Binding: Double sided 1″ tight narrow binding
Other details: Is a gift with a matching cushion cover
FMQ: flower detailing
Thread: Calypso off white which has a lovely sheen about it.

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Some neons…I just love neons! Be it thread, fabric or a pop of neon in a project. They just make everything look so Modern.

Sunday Stash 38

Sunday Stash 38

Just some binge buying…no plans for these as of now.

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“Now, of my threescore and ten,
Thirty will not come again,” – Modified AE Housman(The Cherry Tree)

The 21-30 set went off without much ado! No major events…

Tula Pink 21-30 blocks

Tula Pink 21-30 blocks

I have learnt to be mindful of my seams and that has made all the difference…the block looks more regular and uniform in size,shape and orientation!
Since this is going to be an Ombre quilt, I need to incorporate more white and grey in my blocks.

Some Riley Blake kind of canvas always makes my heart flutter and I just cannot resist buying🙂 Well! That’s actually true to all fabric…one resolve I haven’t been able to maintain across the years.
This might become totes, bags, God knows what! When it comes to fabric, I am the one that ‘buys first and thinks next’😉

Sunday Stash 37

Sunday Stash 37

Bought 2metres each from the wonderful Pabha Mathew at Quiltaholics. I have bought fabric from her on numerous occasions and each time her professionalism and timeliness has left a pleasant feeling.

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Rushing to be on time !

Recently I discovered this lovely sampler quilt along by Blossom Heart Quilts. Its HSTs, how could I resist from jumping in. But its a slow,long project. I surely didn’t have the time to make it slow.Completed the blocks in record time…

Here are all the blocks in the afternoon sun!

Block 7-12

Block 7-12

And the individual blocks…

This looks like I am doing HSTs for the first time!


Here the points are matching a little better!


This is my favourite block…the look and feel is so modern🙂


A soothing green block and love the fact that its by Molli Sparkles. I have been working with the Sunday Stash idea for more that a year now…


A different colour scheme was required and the block looks much better than the previous ones.


Finally the last one just before the deadline🙂

Learnt a lot in the quick 6 HST blocks I made. The initial ones look like first timers. But surely, as I progressed from block 7 to 12, the latter ones look better. The nestling of seams works wonderfully to reduce bulk.

The two tools I would say are a must for perfect HSTs are a quilting scale and rotary cutter…and dont forget to press at every stage. If you follow the rules, the blocks fall in place instantly.

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