The tote is done and ready for shipping. I am really proud to see how I have improved since the last one –the stitches are even and neat, the size is perfect, the bag is stiff as required. Overall am glad of how it turned out so soon it will leave for its new home :)

This was for a specific swap at a friend’s site whom I buy fabric from’ ‘The Material Girls’ on Facebook. I used a butterfly print from her with a copper sulphate colour solid and same colour polka dots for the inside. A hand embroidered monogram for the partner adors the front.




Linking it to WIP Wednesday, Let’s be Social and a Lovely year of finishes. The HTML links are on the side bar.

The first tote from the tutorial is here! Maybe I would like it to be a ‘lil more stiff in the next one, so the interfacing would need to change. But overall, am happy with how this turned out…


It was for a friend’s birthday and it has been delivered to her :)

Fabric used: orange solid for the lower half and local warli printed fabric for the Interfacing used is locally termed as dhoti canvas.

A new attempt starts somewhere…and here I start with a tote!!


Happy New Year everybody!

As the new year rolls in, I feel excited to look back at what I have been able to achieve in 2014 and herald the New Year, 2015 with renewed energy, vigour and new quilting goals…

image source: Internet

image source: Internet

Here are they in a To-Do format so its easier to strike them off as the year progresses:

1.Make at least one quilt/sew item for myself
2.Sew more: as if that needed writing down :)
3.Write at least one pattern
4.Participate in at least one sew along and get dedicated to one project (ms multitasking needs to focus ;-) )
5.Participate in at least 4 swaps and get to know lovely ladies with sewing hobbies around the world
6.Make at least make 12 things from my Pinterest boards
7.Meet up more virtual friends in person
8.Host giveaways
9.Make at least one wearable item
10.Make at least one large quilt in the year.

A lazy Sunday afternoon when the family ident need you much is the best time to sit down and do some toddler activity for yourself with strips of coloured fabric and glue with simple band aids!!


Before evening a full set of lovely coloured band aids are ready!

Jar of band aids

Hoping the kid never has to use them…I display them in a jar


Unputdownable and gripping ! Just two words to describe the book which has been on the bestseller list.

I moved from the sofa to the chair to the bed…through breakfast, lunch and dinner, I just read it through to the end. An amazing story line with the right degree of suspense and horror(if I may say so!). I don’t like horror stories as such but I like Dean Koontz and sci-fi, the way he writes them and this book is Koontz all the way; the way he describes Jim Ironheart’s blue eyes to the way he explains the failed career of Holly Thorne, just raring to take on an adventure! This is one of the finest stories in his repertoire.

For the love of a ten-year old for his parents and grandparents, his guilt, his denial and ultimate catharsis, this book is definitely worth a read.

Its the week of giveaways at sewmamasew and I am giving away a set of 4 bright zippers and 4 matching machine sewing threads. A picture of the loot is as below. All you have to do is write me a comment below stating what you can make with zippers(other than a simple pouch). Following my blog is completely optional but I will be gald if you did.


I will ship internationally so just go ahead and write me a note :)
The giveaway is open until 12th of Dec.

Sew Mama Sew giveawayimage


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