Portrait Quilt: About Faces


My second attempt in my own Library Project would be a portrait quilt from the Ebook ABOUT face by Shruti Dandekar.I have been wanting to make a quilt from the book since it was first published .

I am yet to decide whose Portrait to try first :)


Linking it to A Lovely year of finishes!
A Lovely Year of Finishes

Scattered : Modern quilts from the blogging universe


I am on cloud nine. I am so happy to have completed this project( at least the quilt top).

Scattered near the bedroom window!

Scattered near the bedroom window!

It took a lot of effort and time to gather, Scattered :) but I am glad I took the challenge and finished it. It looks awesome to me… Ha ha ha maybe because I made it. Thinking the blue background adds beauty to the assorted dot charm squares.

Gathered on the sofa :)

Gathered on the sofa :)

I changed the placement a bit and extended the pattern to make it 84″x72″. Now to move on to the next project…

Easter Treats


Wanted to make some quick and easy Easter treats for my friends and I chanced upon this easy tutorial on Bunny treat bags at Sewcanshe. Whats more, they use charm squares(which I adore). After I made the first one, I got so addicted that I made a full half dozen.


The only change to the tutorial was in terms of matching hand sewn buttonhole and ribbons. I am going to put some chocolates/colourful candies into them with an engraved marble book mark each that I had brought from Lucknow last month but was waiting for a good treat bag to put them in.

Easter bunny treat bags

A little tip: Since the turning case for the drawstring through which the ribbon passes is very narrow, suggest you ensure the sides of the bag when you turn to sew the pipe face the direction in which the ribbon would enter the tube, else there would be resistance while threading the ribbon.

What the kid learns!
Kid learnt about Easter traditions, bunnies and Easter eggs and gets a goodie bag with treats for his school :)

Origami Pinwheel mug rugs: A tutorial


I love HSTs and then I love charm squares. That need not be mentioned again. You guys know it by now! I have said it a hundred times and more, then again, just one more time… :)

I am participating in 2 mug rug swaps and wanted to send my partners some really colourful, spring type mug rugs. While I was browsing through Pinterest, I chanced upon these lovely pinwheels and wanted to make a few. The only challenge being, mine had to be 5″ square. As an experiment I cut all my fabric in 5″ square.

Fabric Requirement for one Mug Rug:
2 charm squares in printed fabric(mine has flowers)
2 charm squares in a single solid(mine are in magenta)
4 charm squares in a neutral solid colour for the base
10 X 10″ batting (I used flannel)
10 X 10″ backing in a solid colour

1. Start by placing one solid charm square on a printed one, right sides together.
2. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of fabric.
3. Sew 2 parallel lines on either side of the diagonal line at a distance of 0.25″ and cut on the diagonal line.
4. Press fabric on wrong side, with extra fabric folding onto darker side fabric. Trim the little dog ears at the end.
5. Similarly make all the 4 HSTs.Turn at the diagonal and press the triangle .

Here are the lovely colourful HSTs. I am making 4 mug rugs in different colours and hence the bunch of candies :)

Pinwheel 1

6. Take a neutral charm square(right side up) and align the folded triangle on it such that the corners align. Fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle and pin.
7. Do this will all 4 HSTs and neutral fabric. Arrange and check.
8. You can arrange to get a right facing or left facing pinwheel as per requirement(yellow is facing left in the snap below)
9. Join the squares.I typically align the seams in opposite direction to ensure the points align well and there is no bulk at the joints.

Pinwheel 2

10. Prepare the mug rug will lining the top, batting and lower fabric.I lined the pinwheels with a little running stitch in Perle 8 (red) so its contrasting for some and matching with the solid fabric in others. So I get variety and see how each one looks.
11. While pinning, ensure your pins are away from the Pinwheel as they help hold the batting and rear fabric. Also, it doesn’t interfere with your embroidery. Take the border of the Pinwheel as a guide and complete the embroidery ensuring its through all the 3 layers as its the only quilting that the mug rug will have.

Pinwheel 3

Pinwheel 4

Bind and complete the mug rug!!
I tried double binding with 1.5″ straight bias, wanted it to be narrow and tight when folded.

Hope you like the tutorial. Please drop me a line so I can hop over and see if you make a few of them.The idea is to document for self, as I tend to forget the process and not to reinvent the wheel :)

What the kid learns!!
My little one learnt about pinwheels, made some origami paper pinwheels while I sewed my mug rugs and we a read a bit about windmills in general.We went through some holiday snaps when we had spotted windmills during our journey.
With each project I try to ensure that he learns something as well :)

Scattered : Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe


I saw the library project on this blog
and decided to participate. I loved the idea. But when I looked closer I realized that it was a project for 2014 and the time to participate was long gone. So I intend to start a quilt from the list of quilt books I have with me, my own version of The Library Project and see how far it takes me in the path of new learning . Maybe one quilt top per month is a lot to tackle…Jan and Feb are gone, so somehow, somewhere I will need to buckle up and run to the finish line.


As of now, let me just be smug about starting the journey! I will be attempting the quilt ‘Scattered’ by Allison Harris(Blog: Cluck Cluck Sew) from the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe. I will be using a charm pack of assorted dots and a background fabric other than white.

I have been raring to go since my friend, Kausalya made a similar bed cover using layer cakes. I liked it so much I wanted to make one right then :)