Cursive writing : paper pieced blocks

I was fortunate to test a few blocks for Quietplay on Instagram for her new series due for release by month end. The word I tested was 'QUILT' and I love the way it turned out. I could never imagine that cursive writing was possible using paper piecing...what about all those curves! Butt Kristy has... Continue Reading →


Tula Pink Sampler Quilt -Fifth Set #41-50

This set of 10 blocks was a rather late-night kind of set; 6 out of 10 were sewn after the work day was over. With the online community showering as much love and affection as they did in the earlier blocks, this set also got completed as per schedule with a sew and post each... Continue Reading →

Quilting Day: Bernina 550 QE

Aha! it was the world quilting Day and I had planned to do some major quilting related activity...but I really didn't quilt, I just went ahead and bought this beauty from the Bernina Creative Center(BCC) in Mumbai. Its way above my league and am still trying to accept the fact that this Swiss marvel is... Continue Reading →

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