The quilt top is finally ready and I cant tell you how happy I am. Not just because its the next logical step in quilt making but because this is where all the 100 blocks come together which I together before Halloween last year along with the #100days100blocks quilt along gang on Instagram.

Tula Pink Sampler quilt

Tula Pink Sampler quilt

This quilt top is huge…its 90X90″ and I have no clue what to back it with and how to quilt it on a domestic sewing machine. Here it is lying in all its majesty on my sofa:)

As of now, I am just basking in the happiness of the Quit Top being ready.


Rushing to be on time !

Recently I discovered this lovely sampler quilt along by Blossom Heart Quilts. Its HSTs, how could I resist from jumping in. But its a slow,long project. I surely didn’t have the time to make it slow.Completed the blocks in record time…

Here are all the blocks in the afternoon sun!

Block 7-12

Block 7-12

And the individual blocks…

This looks like I am doing HSTs for the first time!


Here the points are matching a little better!


This is my favourite block…the look and feel is so modern 🙂


A soothing green block and love the fact that its by Molli Sparkles. I have been working with the Sunday Stash idea for more that a year now…


A different colour scheme was required and the block looks much better than the previous ones.


Finally the last one just before the deadline 🙂

Learnt a lot in the quick 6 HST blocks I made. The initial ones look like first timers. But surely, as I progressed from block 7 to 12, the latter ones look better. The nestling of seams works wonderfully to reduce bulk.

The two tools I would say are a must for perfect HSTs are a quilting scale and rotary cutter…and dont forget to press at every stage. If you follow the rules, the blocks fall in place instantly.

Linking to Blossom Heart Quilts…