2017 Sunday Stash #14

Loved this travel themed fabric Chezvies shop. So this got promptly added to my stash to become a travel themed bag when I garner enough courage to venture into the bag making world. My quilting friends have assured me that bags (at least the simple ones) are doable. 'Tis just a matter of taking the... Continue Reading →

English Paper Piecing: Wordswap2017

This is a mini quilt that I made for a swap #wordswap2017 , the first swap of the year. Last year I took a break from swaps- both international and national(well! almost) and this year am back to the scene but have become very picky given the paucity of time. I tried mixing the black&whites... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #7

A new travel fabric from Quiltaholics for a passport wallet. Love the print and the amount of fabric is just enough for a small pouch 🙂 I am just amassing a lot of fabric wealth with the hope that someday I will be able to sew all that I want to from the stash :)... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #6

This is a lovely half yard of Olaf fabric...Yes! the Olaf from frozen. My little one wants a bagpack from it and I have no clue how to make one. I found a tutorial on the Birch fabric blog but that has cording and am yet to venture into that kind of complication in bag... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #5

This is an amazing find. I got this fabric in early January and quickly made a craft apron from it for an upcoming swap. You can see the details of the swap and the craft apron here. So, this is a fabric find where the project came first and then comes the Sunday Stash post... Continue Reading →

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