This is my second applique quilt and the first with animals in them. This story started with my friend asking me last month to make her a toddler sized animal quilt. My first thought was to make it with animal panels, but one doesnt find them locally. So I had to think up an appliqued one. After browsing through Pinterest for days and yet not being able to locate one which was easy for an applique beginner, I decided to draw the animals myself.

Applique Quilt

I started looking at pictures from everywhere, especially from my little one’s colouring books and started drawing them with pencil and eraser after taping together A4 printer sheets from the home printer to make larger sheets.

A giraffe was the first to come by and then a monkey!

Soon followed by a lion, a crocodile and an elephant! The elephant is the only one that is in a non green background owing to the fact that the quilt was looking tooo green, much like a rain-forest. It just called out for a little pop of the sky πŸ™‚
Maybe just the color…

These are cut from paper interfacing, ironed onto fabric and cut from yardage keeping about 0.25″ extra along the borders. Here I had to be extra careful with the bodies of the animals as the process actually takes mirror images of all the forms and shapes.

Next started the arduous task of turning them back and hand sewing each part. Followed by machine sewing the applique on the quilt top.

And many nights later, the quilt top was ready. The quilting per se was easy to come by. I made a leaf-flower quilting design on the borders and base with different colours and designs for the bodies of the animals. The quilt looks better than I expected and I have got good reviews from quilty friends and family on this one.

Seems so worth it. Here it is in the kid’s play area πŸ™‚

Name: Animal Applique Quilt
Method: needle turn applique
FMQ:flower and leaf motif on the border and various others on the animal bodies
Thread: Calypso in neon and dark green
Size: 60″ X 40″

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Made a set of two cushion covers as extras for my upcoming swaps. What I really like is that they are fast and look quite festive, more apt for an occassion like Diwali.

Indian Cushion

The colour and border make it look so very Indian. Originally I had just planned for the lace border but as I was flipping through my Quilting planner, I came across an FMQ design from June (week )…time to try !neat and nice πŸ™‚

Note to remember : Never use thin bag batting for FMQ. It sticks to the surface of the machine, is difficult to maneouvere and hence the FMQ tends to have kinks.

cushion cover

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These traditional pieced elephants have been on my To Do list for long. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them on the blog SewFeshQuilts as part of her Quilt Along #ElephantParade. But life happens and I wasn’t able to make them then…I finally got the opportunity to make two of them for this baby quilt :).


It was my little one’s idea to place them back to back. After the two were done, I added some whole cloth elephant fabric for the body of the quilt and I was done with the top. It is a gift quilt for my husband’s cousin who had a beautiful baby a month back. Am glad that it was over on time. Will be posting it shortly. I hope the baby grows up snuggling in the quilt and the parents love the gift πŸ™‚



I would like to know how do people pack and post quilts?
The Indian Speed Post system mandates that they check the item at the post office so basically you have to carry an open item to the Post office and then get the contents checked before you post. Don’t get me wrong, I love their service and use it pretty often for small items but am not sure if the same is true for Quilts.

Quilt Name: Elephants on the run
Size: 40″ X 50″
Thread:Calypso from costs
Quilting: FMQ stippling and straight line quilting
Binding: 2.5″ double bind
Fabric: Indian

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Looking forward to her Christmas new Quilt along!

I had the good fortune of meeting prize winning quilter Jenny Bowker during her recent Mumbai visit and attend her trunk show.

A lot to be learnt from her and her way of designing quilts. She has lived in the middle east and you can see a strong influence of that in her work along with the Australian influence. Of the 40 off quilts she had got along, each had a story to say, each had a technique to represent! Hers is a perfect combination of Modern and traditional art work. Yes, they aren’t just quilts. They are pure art work πŸ™‚


This is a favourite. Love the tile looks. Plan to try one shortly. She was gracious enough to show us how it was made right after the trunk show πŸ™‚


Such lovely use of colours, see how they blend.

This is such a lovely thing she showed us. For scraps that were left out and had large motifs, but not the complete picture, the picture has been completed using FMQ.




I have been enriched by the experience and learnt so much more from this interaction in terms of techniques, skills and ideas. I have only been able to showcase a few snaps of her quilts…there were numerous; some I was too engrossed to click πŸ™‚

Jenny Bowker trunk show

Jenny Bowker trunk show

Two big takeaways have been how she impressed upon the importance of putting our patterns on Craftsy and how designer fabric, although expensive is worth every rupee you spend on them. Craftsy patterns are a lovely idea and if you are into designing, then its just waiting to be implemented as the Indian sewing crowd gets more net savvy and the newer generation takes up the joys of sewing. The second idea was of making projects using designer prints so our projects get the exposure they deserve as we carve out a niche for ourselves in the quilting world. This echoed very well with me as I have recently been trying some international designer fabric myself. The quality and feel is amazing. I still use a lot of Indian fabric as its readily available and way more affordable πŸ™‚ Planning a dozen pouches shortly in designer fabric !

This is a lunch bag I made for the Bernina India lunch bag contest . And since the time I have put it up on facebook, my friends have come up asking if they can have one like this. Its an amazing feeling to attempt something for the first time and be appreciated for it πŸ™‚

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

The best compliment though came from my mom πŸ™‚

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

For people who have seen my work, this is not the first time that they see a paper pieced cupcake…I made a baby quilt a while back with three of these cupcakes in pink and blue:)

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

In case you want to make one for yourself or a dear one, the instructions can be found here . A few creative elements that I have added are the pieced cupcake, the flying geese and some FMQ. I like the pink satin FMQ on the white surface. I totally love the little cupcake charm that I could find in my stash to add to the button loop closure.

Am on my way to make a blue one with more Flying geese…one for the road I say !

Last weekend I posted about this lovely fabric with quotes. And before the week is done, it has got converted into a lovely baby quilt with quotes!

Baby quilt on the chair

Baby quilt on the chair

The quotes read :

Happiness is …
Listening to old songs
Finally being able to read music
when someone falls in love with the music that you have introduced them to

Baby quilt on the sofa

Baby quilt on the sofa

As the quilt was in red and white and looked quite Christmassy, I tried to FMQ some Holly on it! That part of course needs a lot of practice. I can see the first set of New Year resolutions taking shape for 2016 ha ha ha

FMQ Holly

FMQ Holly

Quilt fabric: Indian
Thread : Aurifil 50/2 2270(Paprika) and 2600(Dove)
Size: 36″ X 48″
Binding: 2″ double binding
Quilt name: Happiness is…

This is a lovely quilt top that I made in the early part of the year! I loved it to the core, the HSTs, the colour combination, the solid fabrics…loved just about everything that went into making the quilt.

HST quilt

HST quilt

Then off it went to my friend Shruti, in Sangli who quilted it with the most beautiful FMQ paisleys that ever was…with a slightly shimmering ivory thread that takes the quilt to a whole different level. Hubby saw it for the first time and said “Now! This looks professional” and I just gave a satisfied smile like a proud mother being complemented on her kid’s nursery rhyme skills πŸ™‚

A couple of quick pictures before it left the house.Here is the little one posing with the quilt, rather shying away.


The quilt is now gifted away to my cousin’s son for his birthday…

HST Modern Quilt

HST Modern Quilt