Here are some silver-golden deer and stars reflecting a celebratory mood in mid summer…A few cushion covers is what I am planning for an upcoming housewarming party this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the host likes them.

Sunday Stash

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Carrying over from the Easter weekend, some fabric that has chicken and one that has some geese.The Geese have cute red bows on them and the fabric is a strong herringbone weave as against the others that are canvas. I am thinking, a bag with a red lining would compliment this fabric well. Red actually would work well as a lining for all these, with the right amount of contrast.

Sunday Stash wk17

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I just love text print…wondering what I could make from these – one has a ‘home’ theme and the other ‘Valentines’

2017 Sunday Stash week 15

Fabric gifts from friends and family are the best gifts for a quilter ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hubby went traveling and got home some Quilt fabric as gift. For a quilter what could be a better gift than coordinated fabric. These would make lovely coffee table runners or coasters or maybe just plain table mats.

2017 Sunday Stash #13

Love the coordinated colours and print. There are dozens more…stay tuned to see them over the next few Sundays ๐Ÿ™‚

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This is the sixth week of the Garden Snail Quilt Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along Gnomengel and thankfully I have been able to catch up. Next week, there is travel planned on my itinerary so there could be a break again. But so far so good…all 6 snails are ready in 6 rainbow colours!
One remains yet!



Learning from 1&2: The grey is too light and the snail body doesn’t stand out against the white backdrop.



Learning from 2&3: The grey is fine and stands out against the white background but the material is polyster. Firstly, its difficult to sew and then it shrinks under and iron!



These are better but the wonky blocks need to improve.

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A new year calls for experimentaion with new designs, patterns and material! Here is a different material…some faux leather and some pure leather to try out in pouches and bags ๐Ÿ™‚

2017 Sunday Stash 2

2017 Sunday Stash 2

Those pencils also have some lovely sayings on them …

Purple: Creativity pride Enlightenment Mystery Nobility
Red: Love Courageous passionate Sensual Power
Orange: Energy Playful Stimulation Enthusiasm Warm

Lets see what comes up through 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚

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The first project of the New Year is actually a swap item. Am so happy am making something for someone else…While I cant reveal her name until she gets her goodies, she is someone I adore for her spirit and positive attitude ๐Ÿ™‚

Craft Apron

Craft Apron

I was looking for a quick project to make for the swap and this just fit the bill.
It took about an hour to complete it end-to-end! Of course the pieces were pre-cut:)

We have to send a dozen items to the partner as part of the swap. So here is a list of all of them :
1.Craft Apron from pattern by Shruti Dandekar
2.Judwa pouch by Kausalya Pandit
3. A Japanese sewing kit
4. A Japanese washi tape roll
5.A Japnese thin Frixion pen
6. Some wooden ‘handmade’ buttons


7. Some wide ribbon
8. One iron-on design
9. A few chocolates


10. 4 Fat Quarters of fcordiated fabric
11. one satin machine sewing Thread roll
12. One clover seam ripper
13. Two zippers(brown and red)
14: Flat tipped pins


An assorted fun pack to put together!