A bird baby quilt

I have been wanting to make a bird quilt for a while. Of late, am loving animal quilts so much I want to focus on making a few right away. Pieced bird block This bird block was made as part of the monthly blocks with the Mumbai Quilting friends, tutorial shared by Sridevi from Shriscapes... Continue Reading →

Grand plans for November

I want to make a quilt from scratch to finish in November. That would entail deciding on a pattern, hunting for fabric, cutting and piecing, joining the quilt top, quilting, binding and finally gifting it. Phew! That's a lot... So lets see where we stand as of the 1st weekend in the month. As of... Continue Reading →

One Monthly Goal -April

A quarter has passed us by in this New Year and I am planning to make my third Log cabin Quilt for the year. Looks like the year is dedicated to the Log Cabin block. Am loving the new learning and definitely the quilts. While the first one was larger and is part of a... Continue Reading →

Log Cabin Baby Quilt

My March Goal is to make a baby quilt using a Log cabin block or a Squash Blossom. or a Squash Blossom Quilt top by Polka Dot Chair A completed Quilt Top would be good. A completed quilt woudl be great! Here's to a Hopeful march 🙂 Given my Feb monthly goal didn't get done... Continue Reading →

One Monthly Goal-Feb 2018

The little one at home has turned into a Pokemon fan and when he said he wanted a Pickachu quilt, I had no clue where to start and what to do. First and foremost, I searched up on Google, like everybody does when they face a problem...and then head over to Pinterest. While I did... Continue Reading →

One Monthly Goal-Jan 2018

My first project for 2018 has to be, just has to be completing this baby quilt I started when my friend had a baby girl. Life happened and I was not able to complete it in 2017. The top was done a while back and has been sitting in my WIP cupboard waiting to get... Continue Reading →

Mira’s Triangle Quilt

My friend recently had a baby girl and named her Mira. She is the cutest little baby I have seen(actually I have just seen the pictures, am yet to meet her). Having told myself that I will go and meet Mira only when I make her a quilt, am already too late in starting one.... Continue Reading →

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