Reverse applique portrait

My aunt's birthday is in May and I was hoping to make her a beautiful portrait quilt. Of all the big and small projects I have in my WIP list, I am choosing this one so that the wall quilt is complete before her birthday. And who knows, I might finish it a little early... Continue Reading →

Portrait Quilt for Koko Auntie

Last year, I made a portrait quilt for my mom and had always hoped to make a similar one for my aunt. They had clicked similar pictures a couple of years apart and it is just apt that both be converted into wall portrait quilts. This photograph is similar to that of my mom and... Continue Reading →

Portrait Quilt : My mom My Hero!

This is my first Portrait Quilt based on an old picture of my mom and I am more than happy about the outcome. When I posted it on social media, people were unable to detect which was the photo and which the Portrait quilt! Couldn't have asked for a better compliment than this one for... Continue Reading →

Portrait Quilt: About Faces

My second attempt in my own Library Project would be a portrait quilt from the Ebook ABOUT face by Shruti Dandekar.I have been wanting to make a quilt from the book since it was first published . I am yet to decide whose Portrait to try first 🙂 href=""> Linking it to A Lovely year... Continue Reading →

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