As the second half of the year begins, I gather some solids to make a Riley Blake pixelated rose. It will be a slow long project and has been on my agenda for a while. I was just waiting for an opportune time to take it up. Mid-year seems to be just the time, given one has half the year to go by and continuous Monsoon rain to keep one at home 🙂

Sunday Stash

Looking forward to starting this and then take it to completion. Have no intention of adding to my pile of WIPs. With house interiors getting done in a big way, I may not be able to finish this by July end…but totally worth a try!

We do not get designer fabrics in India so teh solids are just locally sourced, but that never dampened my enthusiasm…raring to go !

Fabric source: Kausalya Pandit

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Buying new fabric is always fun, especially when you have a project in mind. These were bought a while back from my local fabric shop. I had been there to replenish some of my original solid shades but they weren’t available. That’s the thing, you get a variety of colours, textures and shades… but you just don’t get what you bought last time!
But no trip to the fabric store should go waste, so bought a few other solids each a metre or thereabouts ha ha ha

Sunday Stash 22

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Adding a few solids to the stash …these are about a metre each.

Sunday Stash 21

and a secret project underway. If its a success, will put it up here in a while 🙂

My ‘Sunday Stash’ posts work as markers for self, I get to see on my blog how much work has been completed(more like how many new WIPs started) between the last ‘Sunday Stash’ and this. Sometimes, its just a realization that I have sewn items or tried out new things but just forgot to post them here on the blog. These then become delayed posts and crop up here and there…
then life continues again amidst all the anarchy 🙂

This is one such post where the fabric was bought a while back but I couldn’t post it prior. Love the blue-magenta combination. In India magenta is called ‘rani colour’ or the colour of the Queen, and, rightly so…super rich and awesome.

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This weekend marks a rather functional kind of acquiring…

First thing on the list is a self healing mat. The earlier one was so old it wouldn’t heal. Next in line is some yardage of plain white. The white is primarily aimed at completing a chevron quilt which is stuck since the last couple of months due to lack of white yardage!

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

To add some colour, I also ordered some bright butterfly fabric from The Material Girls on facebook.

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Yesterday, I got 2 meters of black solid for making 1″ strips in a proposed geometric stained glass project, all because I needed some motivation to go for a walk and the lone fabric store on my side of town is at the end of the walk. Speak of killing two birds with a single stone…ha ha

Solid Poplin in Black

Solid Poplin in Black

On returning home, I found some black solid in my cupboard…not the weight of fabric I would have ideally wanted but still some fabric that I had no clue existed. Now, that’s the time when one realizes that fabric needs to be organized and looked at, at regular intervals. And it calls for a Fabric Manifesto started by Quarterinchfromtheedge.

There goes the crisp list:
1. Organize fabric regularly(read that as caress it as often as possible).
2. Make notes on all fabric I have, maybe an Excel sheet would help(this might take a while).
3. Note down all ‘To do’ projects and WIP so I can differentiate between the extra fabric(if there is anythings as that…ha ha ha) and if it is meant for a purpose(in that case, ofcourse its not extra and is just waiting to be converted into one amazing gift). Last year I started something of a scrapbook of sorts, adding project details, total fabric used and tiny scraps of fabric in the project in a colourful pretty little notebook. Will continue with that.
4. The last of course is to Sew and sew more. Make a least one completed project a month…preferably a quilt as they use up far more fabric than anticipated. Best way to use up fabric.

So I’m still going to add to my stash, pretty much in the same way I do now, but I’m going to aim to use up at least as much of the old stuff as I bring in , and hopefully more.

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This is a lovely quilt top that I made in the early part of the year! I loved it to the core, the HSTs, the colour combination, the solid fabrics…loved just about everything that went into making the quilt.

HST quilt

HST quilt

Then off it went to my friend Shruti, in Sangli who quilted it with the most beautiful FMQ paisleys that ever was…with a slightly shimmering ivory thread that takes the quilt to a whole different level. Hubby saw it for the first time and said “Now! This looks professional” and I just gave a satisfied smile like a proud mother being complemented on her kid’s nursery rhyme skills 🙂

A couple of quick pictures before it left the house.Here is the little one posing with the quilt, rather shying away.


The quilt is now gifted away to my cousin’s son for his birthday…

HST Modern Quilt

HST Modern Quilt

Had a wonderful Saturday, shopping for fabric and meeting quilting friends. First Prajakta, who quilts at Green Leaf Quilts and I met at Badshah, the famous falooda place in Mumbai. No journey starts without good food! So here is our Shirazi Falooda.I had met Prajakta there for the first time early last year, when she had come down from Bahrain and had gladly accepted to take me around Mumbai and show me the fabric district here, Mangaldas market. IMG_3691 It’s a fairly different story that I haven’t used the fabric we bought last time…ha ha A girl needs to have a fabric stash for the sake of having it, irrespective of how rarely she sews! What if she gets an idea at the middle of the night and doesn’t have a fabric to match !!

Ombre Fat Quarters

Ombre Fat Quarters

So saying I got a few Ombré solid Fat quarters! 5 in Pink, 3 in earth tones, 3 in Blue…

Ombre Fat Quarters

Ombre Fat Quarters

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