New fabric: Sunday Stash 2017 #35

Some more yardage for quilt backing...this one is especially broad and is about 3 metres long. So even after being used for a baby quilt I will have enough left for a pouch or a side sling 🙂 Tagging it to Sunday Stash at Molli Sparkles!


New fabric: Sunday Stash 2017 #33

Here are two yards of fabric that my hubby brought back from Chennai a long time back. While one is a map print poplin cotton (with lettering in an East Asian language), the other one is kind of a holiday print canvas that reminds me of a rainforest. Think it time to make my passport... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #22

Buying new fabric is always fun, especially when you have a project in mind. These were bought a while back from my local fabric shop. I had been there to replenish some of my original solid shades but they weren't available. That's the thing, you get a variety of colours, textures and shades... but you... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #21

Adding a few solids to the stash ...these are about a metre each. and a secret project underway. If its a success, will put it up here in a while 🙂 My 'Sunday Stash' posts work as markers for self, I get to see on my blog how much work has been completed(more like how... Continue Reading →

2016 Sunday Stash 42

This weekend marks a rather functional kind of acquiring... First thing on the list is a self healing mat. The earlier one was so old it wouldn't heal. Next in line is some yardage of plain white. The white is primarily aimed at completing a chevron quilt which is stuck since the last couple of... Continue Reading →

2016 Sunday Stash #5

Yesterday, I got 2 meters of black solid for making 1" strips in a proposed geometric stained glass project, all because I needed some motivation to go for a walk and the lone fabric store on my side of town is at the end of the walk. Speak of killing two birds with a single... Continue Reading →

Modern HST quilt

This is a lovely quilt top that I made in the early part of the year! I loved it to the core, the HSTs, the colour combination, the solid fabrics...loved just about everything that went into making the quilt. Then off it went to my friend Shruti, in Sangli who quilted it with the most... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash : Major shopping expedition

Had a wonderful Saturday, shopping for fabric and meeting quilting friends. First Prajakta, who quilts at Green Leaf Quilts and I met at Badshah, the famous falooda place in Mumbai. No journey starts without good food! So here is our Shirazi Falooda.I had met Prajakta there for the first time early last year, when she... Continue Reading →

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