2017 Sunday Stash #17

Carrying over from the Easter weekend, some fabric that has chicken and one that has some geese.The Geese have cute red bows on them and the fabric is a strong herringbone weave as against the others that are canvas. I am thinking, a bag with a red lining would compliment this fabric well. Red actually... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #15

I just love text print...wondering what I could make from these - one has a 'home' theme and the other 'Valentines' Fabric gifts from friends and family are the best gifts for a quilter 🙂 Tagging this to Sunday Stash at Molli Sparkels!

2017 Sunday Stash #14

Loved this travel themed fabric Chezvies shop. So this got promptly added to my stash to become a travel themed bag when I garner enough courage to venture into the bag making world. My quilting friends have assured me that bags (at least the simple ones) are doable. 'Tis just a matter of taking the... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #13

Hubby went traveling and got home some Quilt fabric as gift. For a quilter what could be a better gift than coordinated fabric. These would make lovely coffee table runners or coasters or maybe just plain table mats. Love the coordinated colours and print. There are dozens more...stay tuned to see them over the next... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #7

A new travel fabric from Quiltaholics for a passport wallet. Love the print and the amount of fabric is just enough for a small pouch 🙂 I am just amassing a lot of fabric wealth with the hope that someday I will be able to sew all that I want to from the stash :)... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #6

This is a lovely half yard of Olaf fabric...Yes! the Olaf from frozen. My little one wants a bagpack from it and I have no clue how to make one. I found a tutorial on the Birch fabric blog but that has cording and am yet to venture into that kind of complication in bag... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #5

This is an amazing find. I got this fabric in early January and quickly made a craft apron from it for an upcoming swap. You can see the details of the swap and the craft apron here. So, this is a fabric find where the project came first and then comes the Sunday Stash post... Continue Reading →

2017 Sunday Stash #2

A new year calls for experimentaion with new designs, patterns and material! Here is a different material...some faux leather and some pure leather to try out in pouches and bags 🙂 Those pencils also have some lovely sayings on them ... Purple: Creativity pride Enlightenment Mystery Nobility Red: Love Courageous passionate Sensual Power Orange: Energy... Continue Reading →

2016 Sunday Stash 44

I have been following Sunday Stash at MolliSparkles for as long as I can remember and today Molli is celebrating the 200th post on this subject and Linky. It has been such a fun journey documenting my fabric and notion buys through the years with him. So, how could I possibly be left behind on... Continue Reading →

2016 Sunday Stash 42

This weekend marks a rather functional kind of acquiring... First thing on the list is a self healing mat. The earlier one was so old it wouldn't heal. Next in line is some yardage of plain white. The white is primarily aimed at completing a chevron quilt which is stuck since the last couple of... Continue Reading →

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