Rainbow garden snail quilt blocks

This is the sixth week of the Garden Snail Quilt Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along Gnomengel and thankfully I have been able to catch up. Next week, there is travel planned on my itinerary so there could be a break again. But so far so good...all 6 snails are ready in 6 rainbow colours! One remains... Continue Reading →

Tula Pink Sampler Quilt -Seventh Set #61-70

Now a different setting for the next 10 blocks...a white background! I am not known for my patience but I am thoroughly enjoying the slow and measured pace of the project ! Right at the time of its scheduled completion, I will be traveling so lets see how it goes 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed...hoping... Continue Reading →

Tula Pink Sampler Quilt

I have wanted to do this Tula Pink sampler quilt since the time I got the book but the project never quite took off. I started with great gusto but somehow the enthusiasm just waned off after the first 4 blocks and the project stayed in abeyance for a couple of months. Well! 4 blocks... Continue Reading →

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