This is the sixth week of the Garden Snail Quilt Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along Gnomengel and thankfully I have been able to catch up. Next week, there is travel planned on my itinerary so there could be a break again. But so far so good…all 6 snails are ready in 6 rainbow colours!
One remains yet!



Learning from 1&2: The grey is too light and the snail body doesn’t stand out against the white backdrop.



Learning from 2&3: The grey is fine and stands out against the white background but the material is polyster. Firstly, its difficult to sew and then it shrinks under and iron!



These are better but the wonky blocks need to improve.

Linking this to Sew Fresh Quilts.


Now a different setting for the next 10 blocks…a white background!

I am not known for my patience but I am thoroughly enjoying the slow and measured pace of the project !


Right at the time of its scheduled completion, I will be traveling so lets see how it goes 🙂
keeping my fingers crossed…hoping the ombre’ quilt turns out fine!

The quilt blocks have been progressing well and I have been posting one on Instagram as per schedule everyday. Its good fun and exciting at the same time. Given that one has to maintain a schedule, ensure the blocks are completed and posted on time, brings in a bit of Quilty discipline which is otherwise missing in my life.

I am eager to get the quilt finished and see how it turns out!
10 blocks done beyond the halfway mark 🙂


All the blue fabric seems to come alive now…

This set of 10 blocks was a rather late-night kind of set; 6 out of 10 were sewn after the work day was over. With the online community showering as much love and affection as they did in the earlier blocks, this set also got completed as per schedule with a sew and post each day!

Tula Pink

Tula Pink

Half the journey is over. 50 blocks completed! Now for the next 50…

This is my first sampler quilt and it feels great to be moving ahead steadily as per schedule.

Blocks 11 to 20:

This is the second tranche in the Tula Pink Sampler Quilt along which is hosted by @Gnomeangel on Instagram. I posted about the first 10 blocks here and my personal journey on how it all began for me.

Here are the next 10 blocks. I am glad that its running on schedule. I have to admit that Block 15 was the most challenging. I had planned to sew and post it in the evening, instead of the morning as per my normal schedule. After office, we had to step out for a long dinner with my husband’s cousin and by the time I realised that the day’s block was due it was 11.30pm. To top it, I was feeling terribly unwell. With only half an hour to spare, I rushed through the block from end to end. Lesson learnt, I need to Plan in advance and keep things ready! Dont want to be in the same situation again.

Tula pink Block 15

Tula pink Block 15

Here is the block at my Bernina at 11.55 in the night…

Tula Pink Block 11-20

Tula Pink Block 11-20

And all the 10 of them 🙂
Happy to report that Lot2 is complete…8 more to go!

I have wanted to do this Tula Pink sampler quilt since the time I got the book but the project never quite took off. I started with great gusto but somehow the enthusiasm just waned off after the first 4 blocks and the project stayed in abeyance for a couple of months. Well! 4 blocks out of 100, does not even qualify to be called a UFO.

Then came along @gnomeangel on Instagram and declared a sew along.
Just what I wanted.
Just what I needed.
The ask was that I commit my next 100 days to the project and post a block each day. You can find details to the link here on her blog!

Tula Pink Sampler -Block 1-10

Tula Pink Sampler -Block 1-10

So far so good. I completed 10 days and 10 blocks. There are amazing prizes to win every 10days 🙂 lovely motivation and lovely set of blocks propping up in the IG feed everyday. I am making mine in white, grey and shades of blue much like the orange one made by Alison Gamm that I saw on Pinterest. All the fabric taht I use would be from my stash…no buying fabric for these blocks at all!