A finance professional by day and a quilter by night…more so, the weekend! I am Sonalee(Leena), popularly known as Lee in the quilting circles, a hobby quilter from Mumbai-India who is one of the founding members of the first FB community in India on quilting.I currently run the ‘India Quilt Guild’ on facebook, a ~1000 member quilting community that believes in learning and growing together. My own page on fb is CreativeInstincts.This is my blog which started on a whim, and soon became a smorgasbord of my quilting escapades over the years.

From being a novice to making portrait quilts, from being scared of bags to winning the Bernina lunch bag contest…I have taken baby steps towards progress! Each day I am humbled by the immense generosity of the quilting world and the amount of good quality work that I see around on social media and otherwise. This is what keeps me going.

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  1. Hi Shruti,

    You came up as no reply on the comment you left on my blog this morning but I thought you should know that I did not put a limitation on the scrap challenge as to where I would ship, Rachel did. She made all of the rules I just provided the fabric.

    1. oops sorry I saw a comment before mine and thought you were shruti… I keep getting no reply from your messages so I couldn’t email you.

  2. Hi Sonalee! I hear from Johanna at Cloth & Bobbin, our LQS, that your package arrived in good time! I am so glad! Send me a card with your email address, and I’ll do the same.
    Many thanks!
    T Schireson

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