Double crochet is my favourite of all crochet stitches as I noted in the crochet project earlier…nothing particular but I like the way the hook yo’s and forms the stitch. I had got wool in various colours on my last trip home so a throw for paai was a natural choice.

Pa’ai: that’s how my ‘lil one addresses my hubby’s grandmom, a’ai in my native language means grandmom and and Papa is dad. So Papa’s aai becomes paai.

granny squares

She is one of the most wonderful people I have known, a President’s award winning freedom fighter and a great personality. What’s more, she wears khadi and loves all handmade items 🙂

The afghan(locally called a shawl) would consist of squares in two colours, a central roundel with white border. I am guessing the final version will have 10X10.Am giving myself a month to finish it, if wool lasts. Else, have to get more…

100 blocks in a month would mean 4 a day with a few days of breathing space.

Also, I am starting my own art journal on what I do, a physical diary, more like a file where I paste fabrics used in the project. So here is the first entry !

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