Stitch Explorer:Flowers

I just thought that experimenting on various kinds of flowers using this stitch would be interesting. The few I tried.

Applique Flower
Applique Flower

An applique flower witha  square trellis stitch centre and a pink flower where the petals,leaves and the centre use this stitch.

Trellis Stitch Flower
Trellis Stitch Flower

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  1. You are in my favorites blogs, but I cannot understand everything in english language.
    I would be happy if you explain how you do the treillis square with shisha square mirrors; I have some and it’s like a photo frame………..Thanks

  2. These fish are really adorable. I love your quilt. The chakra fabric is so pretty, and won’t it be nice to have all those chakras around you all the time!

    So, anyway, I popped over here to WELCOME you to the Totally Useless SAL. It’s never too late to begin a Totally Useless Container. I hope you enjoy being among so many Totally Useless Members (LOL). I’ll get you added to the Totally Useless List as soon as I can.

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